Dancing with the Stars: Week 8


dancingwiththestarsSometimes I enjoy Dancing with the Stars so much that I forget the season has to come to an end at some point. With the Semi- Finals right around the corner, the judges are stricter with their scoring and expect much more from the remaining celebrities. Monday night the stars danced one individual dance and were then challenged to a trio dance. The trio dance is a challenge they introduced to the show a few seasons ago. For those of you who have forgotten, each couple invites a pro dancer into their routine and they all just dance together. Either the celebrity succeeds or they fail, and tonight two stars did not do very well. Let’s review.

Zendaya & Val Chmerkovski– The Disney stars first dance was the Foxtrot. Zendaya never fails to amaze me. Her form was perfect, the dance was very age appropriate and it was just so delightful. She always brings the appropriate emotion to each dance and truly makes it a performance. Zendaya scored 28 points.

Trio dance- It doesn’t matter who Zendaya performs with, she always dances well. During her Salsa, she was the star and the two pros were her back up dancers. She completely owned the trio dance and moved so well. She’s a performer on Disney channel and she did just that during her Salsa, perform. She loves to dance and it shows every week in her effortless motions. Zendaya scored 30 points, giving her a total of 58/60 points for the night.

Alexandra Raisman & Mark Ballas– Zendaya, Jacoby and Kellie better watch their backs because gymnast Alexandra Raisman is putting up one hell of a fight. Raisman transformed into this serious, sexy dancer for her Argentine Tango. She has so much range when she dancing because her athleticism is always in her favor. She has proven she will tackle whatever challenge comes her way and has improved the most since the beginning of the show. Raisman scored 29 points.

Trio dance- Raisman performed a thrilling Jive. All I can say is that it was simple and fantastic. She dances with this attack and that fight brings her improvement to a whole new level. If the others don’t watch their back she could win the competition. Raisman scored 27 points, giving her an overall score of 56/60 points.

Kellie Pickler & Derek Hough– Singer Kellie Pickler danced an emotion filled Viennese Waltz. The dance was elegant and pure. She’s a fabulous dancer and finally she stepped out of her shell and put her heart into the dance. Pickler scored 28 points.

Trio dance- Pickler danced a not so Paso Doble. The dance and performance was fanatastic, but if it had elements of the Paso Doble she would have earned a perfect score. The music they chose for the dance made it seem more intense but it was really a trio dance either. Derek and Kellie kept dancing without the third man. Overall it was a great dance, but it lacked elements of the Paso Doble. Pickler scored 27 points, giving her an overall score of 55/60 points.

Jacoby Jones & Katina Smirnoff- One quality that separates Jacoby from the other men in the competition is that he leads his partner. A lot of the other men are being led by their female partners, but Jacoby takes control of his woman on the dance floor. His footwork and technique was great during Viennese Waltz. He’s a great performer and you can tell week after week he’s enjoying every minute of this competition. Jones scored 27 points.

Trio dance- Jones took control like a man during his Paso Doble. During most of the trio dances we’ve seen the pros outshine the celebrity, but that wasn’t the case with Jones. He didn’t let the pros overpower him, and continued to push and display his improvement with his dancing technique. This wasn’t his best dance, but it was still impressive. Jones scored 25 points, giving him an overall score of 52/60 points.

Ingo Rademacher & Kym Johnson– Soap star Ingo Rademacher let the stress of the competition get in the way of his improvement and danced a mediocre Foxtrot. During the first few weeks of competition he showed potential, but lately he’s so hard to watch. He started out the dance gracefully, than the dance turned into mush. You could see the look of stress on his face throughout the dance, and what pisses me of is how the judges compared him to Gene Kelly! What? What an insult to Gene Kelly’s memory. Rademacher scored 24 points.

Trio dance- Rademacher danced a mess of a Jive. He was all over the place and his high energy messed him up. The dance was dreadful. Somehow he managed to score 24 points, finishing with an overall score of 48/60 points.

Sean Lowe & Peta Murgatroyd– It’s always so sad when you know the celebrity wants to do well and ends up crashing and burning. Bachelor star Sean Lowe had a very strong start to his Tango, but once the dance sped up a bit he completely lost it. I had so much hope in him when he first started the routine because it began so well. Lowe scored 21 points.

Trio dance- Lowe’s trio dance was a complete disaster. Lowe was challenged to dance Jazz and he had no idea what he was doing. During his routine I kept hoping it would just get better, but his dancing reflected the type of style we would see the first week of competition. The dance wasn’t very good, mainly because Lowe had no structure or discipline. Lowe scored 21 points, giving him an overall score of 42/60 points.

Tuesday night Ingo or Sean will be sent home. On Mondays show they were equally bad and didn’t give America a reason to vote for either of them. Simply based on popularity, I have to predict that Ingo Rademacher will go home. People like The Bachelor more than General Hospital, and with Ingo in the bottom two last week, I can only assume he will go home next.

Tune in Tuesday night at 9pm ET on ABC for Dancing with the Stars.

  • Leon

    I love DWTS but I thought Len was totally out of line. It seemed like he was being mean just for the sake of being mean, Kellie and her team in no way deserved that level of criticism. I work at DISH and had some coworkers over to watch, and we all kind of think that Kellie will win it all. When I watch a show in a group like this, I tend to miss a few things, so I’m going to re-watch it tonight after work. My Hopper by DISH recorded everything that aired during primetime last night on the four major networks, so it’ll be waiting on my DVR when I get home!