IM deep spaceNo big surprises here, ‘Iron Man 3‘ (BV) sits on top at #1 every day at the box office, securing its placement for the weekly count, ‘Pain & Gain‘ (Par.) slips to #2, as ‘42‘ (WB) holds onto #3. ‘Oblivion‘ (Uni.) is bumped down to #4 followed by ‘The Big Wedding‘ (LGF) at #5. ‘The Croods‘ (Fox) which has been doing quite well, takes a swing down to #6, as ‘Mud‘ (RAtt.) rises to #7, bringing ‘Oz the Great and Powerful‘ (BV) up into the top 10. This week’s #9 is ‘The Place Beyond The Pines‘ (Focus) and #10 goes to ‘Scary Movie 5‘ (W/Dim.).

This weekend, ‘The Great Gatsby‘ (WB) isn’t enough to overthrow the reign of our favorite sarcastic superhero, but jazz-steps into #2, already exceeding expectation upon their release. ‘Pain and Gain‘ drops to #3, ‘Tyler Perry Presents Peeples‘ (LGF) releases out to #4, followed by ‘42‘ in at #5. The others, down 2, with ‘Oblivion‘ at #6, ‘The Croods‘ at #7, ‘The Big Wedding‘ at #8, ‘Mud‘ at #9, and ‘Oz‘ in at #10, bumping ‘Scary Movie 5‘ out of the top 10.

Rank Title Studio Gross
1 Iron Man 3 Buena Vista 72.4 M
2 The Great Gatsby (2013) Warner Bros. $51.1 M
3 Pain & Gain Paramount $5 M
4 Tyler Perry Presents Peeples Lionsgate Film $4.8 M
5 42 Warner Bros. $4.6 M
6 Oblivion Universal $3.8 M
7 The Croods Fox $3.6 M
8 The Big Wedding Lionsgate Films $2.5 M
9 Mud Roadside Attractions $2.3 M
10 Oz The Great And Powerful Buena Visata $0.8 M

*All numbers were not rounded up.

In the upcoming weeks, with the box office seemingly back on track after the slump, the big releases have begun. Internationally, ‘Iron Man 3‘ sits at the top of many countries in Europe and South America. Hong Kong has ‘IM3’ at #1, but Japan holds on to ‘Meitantei Conan Private Eye 2013‘, but ‘IM3‘ is #1 in both South Korea and China, which is grossing much higher than the other international countries. In China, ‘The Croods‘ hang onto #2, and ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation‘ (Par) at #4. In South Korea, ‘The Croods‘ hang back to #4, with many of the Korean movies taking charge over their box office.