Dancing with the Stars: The Finals


dancingwiththestarsIt’s the final week of Dancing with the Stars and unfortunately this relationship must come to an end. Until next season of course. On this final week of dancing, the stars must dance a judge’s pick routine, a Cha Cha relay and the infamous freestyle dance. It’s well known in the Dancing with the Stars world whoever scores the highest on their freestyle wins the competition. This is the final chance the stars will get to prove they have the right moves to win. So who is our winner? Let’s review.

Zendaya & Val Chmerkovski- The judges chose to see Zendaya perform the Samba. All I have to say is, this kid moves like a pro. She’s so natural and fierce. She is the best dancer this season and deserves to win. Zendaya scored 30 points.

I expected a lot from Zendaya’s freestyle, and she delivered. There was a great mix of different styles of dancing and she kept the energetic pace going throughout the whole routine. She had a lot of content in that dance, but never once did it overwhelm her or prevent her from shining. Her freestyle is one that deserves to be remembered during future seasons. Zendaya scored 30 points, give her 65/50 points, with an additional 5 points added to her score from the Cha Cha relay.

Kellie Pickler & Derek Hough- The judges chose the Quickstep for Pickler to perform. This was by far the best dance she has done all season. Her Quickstep was filled with a lot of content and her footwork was superb. There was so much life and excitement to the dance. Perfection. Pickler scored 30 points.

I was curious what Pickler’s freestyle would be like, simply because she’s been fantastic all season. She decided to go in more of an emotional direction than a celebratory direction like the others. I was hoping for an upbeat dance, but her freestyle was full of such amazing technique. She’s a great dancer and proved why she deserves to win with her freestyle. Pickler scored 64/60 points, with an additional 4 points added to her score from the Cha Cha relay.

Alexandra Raisman & Mark Ballas- The judges chose to see Raisman perform the Samba. I absolutely love her personality. I say it in ever recap, but she has grown into this outgoing performer and that has improved her dancing in so many ways. Her performance level was spectacular and she performed an exciting and precise Samba. She completely let loose and enjoyed herself. Raisman scored 28 points.

Of course during her freestyle, Raisman played to her strength and incorporated a lot of her gymnastics training into the dance. The dance had a lot of physically demanding content but I did not like it at all. She’s been so amazing this season letting loose that I thought she would go all out on this dance. But instead it was just a lot of gymnastic moves with music in the background. I mean don’t get me wrong, the moves were impressive, but the whole routine was boring. Raisman scored 30 points, giving her a total of 61/60 points, with 3 additional points she received during the Cha Cha relay.

Jacoby Jones & Katina Smirnoff- The judges chose the Jive for Jacoby. The last time Jacoby danced the Jive it was near perfection. The judges wanted to see his technique be more precise and of course Jones delivered. He led the dance well and he listed to the judge’s criticism and pointed his toes better during his kicks. Jones scored 27 points.

I’m not going to lie, I was expecting a lot when it came to the freestyle portion. All season I have been watching this guy thinking his freestyle will be amazing. He brings so much of himself to every dance and I thought he would let loose when given the opportunity. I have to say, I’m so disappointed with his freestyle. He was way too reserved and it was no fun to watch at all. I thought he would do more, but instead the routine was filled with too many elements complicating the whole thing. Jones scored 27 points, giving him a total of 56/60 points, with 2 additional points he received during the Cha Cha relay.


I have enjoyed every moment of this season of Dancing with the Stars. While there was a very diverse group of performers, they all performed well and kept the season exciting. Tuesday night a winner will be announced, and while I was hoping it would be Jacoby Jones, I fear after tonight it’ll be Zendaya. I always knew she would probably end up winning, simply because she’s unstoppable, but I had hope elsewhere. Each star that performed tonight deserves to be crowned the winner, but unfortunately there can be only one. The winner will either be Kellie Pickler or Zendaya, and I say Zendaya.

Tune in Tuesday night at 9pm ET on ABC for the finale of Dancing with the Stars!