Box Office Results (06.16.13)

Superman MOS imageWith the Los Angeles Film Festival at full buzz, theaters, once again, attract thousands of people for the international variety offered of filmmakers from all around the world. This week, ‘The Purge‘ (Uni.) started on top, ‘This Is The End‘ (Sony) at the top on Wednesday, and ‘Man of Steel‘ (WB) from Thursday until today. Universal’s ‘The Purge‘ featuring Ethan Hawke, takes #1, ‘Now You See Me‘ (LG/S) takes #2, ‘Fast & Furious 6‘ (Uni.) drops to #3, followed by ‘The Internship‘ (Fox) at #4, and ‘Epic‘ (Fox) which holds onto #5. ‘Star Trek Into Darkness‘ (Par.) drops to #6, ‘After Earth‘ (Sony) falls to #7, and ‘This Is The End‘ (Sony) laughs up to #8. Zack Snyder’s ‘Man of Steel‘ (WB) takes #9 and pushes ‘The Hangover Part III‘ (WB) to #10. New to this weekend’s charts, ‘Much Ado About Nothing (2013)‘ (RAtt.) takes #26 and several indies move onto the charts, taking an advantage of the break before the big blockbusters drop this summer.

This weekend, Henry Cavill flies into #1, Seth Rogen and his boys round-up #2, as the team of magicians holds onto #3. ‘Fast 6‘ drops two to #4, ‘The Purge‘ plunging to #5, with ‘The Internship‘ following at #6. ‘Epic‘ follows, towing along the Enterprise, Will Smith and his son, and ‘Iron Man 3‘ (BV) at #10. ‘The Bling Ring‘ (A24) takes #20, ‘The Kings of Summer‘ (CBS) down to #24, two ahead of ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation‘ (Par.).

Rank Title Studio
1 Man of Steel Warner Bros.
2 This is the End Sony
3 Now You See Me Lionsgate/Summit
4 Fast & Furious 6 Universal
5 The Purge Universal
6 The Internship Fox
7 Epic Fox
8 Star Trek Into Darkness Paramount
9 After Earth Sony
10 Iron Man 3 Buena Vista

Upcoming releases include ‘World War Z‘, ‘Monsters University‘, and ‘As Cool As I Am‘ on June 21st, ‘The Heat‘, ‘White House Down‘, and ‘I’m So Excited‘ on June 28th. Look forward to some great reviews coming up as the big ones are released!