‘Kon-Tiki’ Star to Play Villain in Ratner’s ‘Hercules’


1359542026078_57Multiplexes have been treated to two Snow White movies and two White House take over films, and soon we will have competing Hercules flicks. One of those, directed by Brett Ratner, has just found the villain to oppose Dwayne Johnson’s Hercules. Kon-Tiki star Tobias Santelmann has been tapped to play a golden-locked barbarian and revolutionary who is Hercules’ main antagonist.

Unlike most Hercules tales, Ratner is apparently going for a more ground interpretation (whatever that really means). The film is said to portray Hercules as a mortal with a fearsome reputation who leads a band of mercenaries on a job where all isn’t what it seems. It’s an interesting concept and given how many times we’ve seen Hercules, he’s ripe for reinterpretation, but completely eschewing the legend is something entirely different. We’ll see what Ratner has in store for us when the film hits theaters next summer.