2013 LAFF: My Little Pony Equestria Girls (***)


My Lil Pony

My Little Pony Equestria Girls‘, created by Hasbro, from the beginning somewhat baffled me. With no recap leading into the world of Equestria, though careful exposition helped my understanding of the world of sparkles and ponies with extreme attitudes. As the trailer had shown, Twilight Sparkles jumps worlds, into one  that turns her into a human. Off to retrieve her stolen crown, her element of harmony, she encounters a world much like her own though in need of a hero.

Aside from watching this in a theater filled with children, there were a curious collection of ‘Bronies’ as well. All in all, there were moments of laughter and clapping along to the music, and a few screams of fright. This cute and child-friendly film truly delighted the kids after Twilight Sparkles saves the day with her fierce friends. Proving that friendship is stronger than hate and using fear to control others, the film is sweet, cute, and holds true to the friendliness of the franchise’s overall theme. For the well-being of Hasbro, it might be better for the girls to stay as ponies, otherwise they drift too close to the already well-established ‘Sailor Moon‘ franchise.