Dancing with the Stars: Season 17 Week 2 Recap


dancing-with-the-starsIt’s week two of Dancing with the Stars, and this week brings a lot of dancing and the first elimination of the season. Now, just so everybody is aware, I wrote this introduction well before the elimination of our first star. Now, last week a lot of stars set the bar very high, while others underwhelmed. This week all of the scores seemed to come down and level out, but someone still has to go home. So let’s review.

Corbin Bleu & Karina Smirnoff– This guy knows how to dance, but we all knew that before he stepped onto the dance floor. Bleu danced the Jive and I’m sorry but did you see those muscles. Damn boy. He danced an amazing Jive, and it was nice to see him let it loose when he sort of underwhelmed last week. Carrie Anne loved his raw edge and perfection, Len enjoyed the energy in the performance and Bruno thought it was a performance of dazzling brilliance. Bleu scored 26/30 points.

Elizabeth Berkley Lauren & Val Chmerkovskiy– The actress proved she knows how to move dancing the Samba. I’m blown away with her ability to perform. She gets on the dance floor and moves every part of her body with such precision and it’s fantastic. Len said she was so close to perfection, Bruno loved her accuracy and Carrie Anne felt so was totally in her element. Lauren scored 25/30 points.

Christina Millian & Mark Ballas– The singer was upset about last week and wanted to come out and give it her all during her Paso Doble. Millian really stepped up this week and didn’t play it safe at all. Last week you could tell she was nervous, but she remembered that performing is her job and did just that. She brought a modern turn to the Paso and made it a much more exciting dance. Bruno loved how the Paso had a twist, Carrie Anne said she nailed every step and Len thought it was terrific. Millian scored 25/30 points.

Jack Osborne & Cheryl Burke– The reality star continued to shine this week with the Rumba. Last week Jack Osborne surprised a lot of us with his smooth and debonair moves, and this week he showed his soft side. His Rumba gave me chills and was packed with so much emotion and strength. I wasn’t sure if he was going to make it through that split, but he did it. He’s a lot better than he thinks but he just needs to believe in himself. Len felt he had great control, Bruno thought it was smooth and sensuous and Carrie Anne feels he has a great presence. Osborne scored 24/30 points.

Leah Remini & Tony Dovalani– The TV star is having a great time showing America she knows how to dance. Her Samba this week had moments of dance brilliance. She can really dance and as long as she keeps her confidence she will continue to do well. Len thought it was terrific and loved the content, Bruno says she’s a saucy Latin beauty and Carrie Anne said she unleashed her Samba goddess. Remini scored 24/30 points.

Amber Riley & Derek Hough- It’s a tough thing when you come out the first week and set the bar high. Glee star Amber Riley danced a perky and fun Jive, but failed to reach the level she set for herself last week. She put so much personality into the dance, but you can tell she struggled at times. Carrie Anne continued felt she continued to wow but felt she could have done better, Len suggested she work on her footwork and Bruno thought her talent and performance value is spectacular. Riley scored 24/30 points.

Brant Daugherty & Petra Murgatroyd- TV actor Brant Daugherty danced the Rumba, and he danced it very well… if you know what I’m sayin’. During his Rumba, he had moments of brilliance, but he needs to work on his footwork and fluidity a bit more. The dance had great chemistry and passion, but the only downside is that his shirt stayed on the whole time. Someone needs to remind how you earn votes in this competition. Bruno suggested he work on his footwork, Carrie Anne was blown away with his frame and Len like it but thinks it was a bit overrated. Daugherty scored 23/30 points.

Bill Engvall & Emma Slater- The comedian did it again; he blew me away. I know that we have a lot of stars this season who know how to dance, but Bill Engvall is really shocking me here. This week he danced a terrific Jive. He missed a few steps but he enjoyed himself and gave a great performance. You don’t expect a guy like him to do well, but for his age he did great. Carrie Anne felt it was a routine filled with fun, Len thoroughly enjoyed it and Bruno thought it had great performance value. Engvall scored 21/30 points.

Nicole Polizzi & Sasha Farber– Last week I made a point of saying that the reality star would excel in the fast and fun dances but her challenge would be the dances that require emotion. Her Rumba was intense and filled with a lot of impressive moves on Polizzi’s part. She really is taking this competition seriously, but her dance lacked the required emotion. Carrie Anne felt it had great movements but no emotion, Len felt the dance was very pretty and neat and Bruno still thinks Polizzi has great potential. Polizzi scored 20/30 points.

Valerie Harper & Tristan Macmanus- It doesn’t matter what Valerie Harper does, she’s an inspiration and that’s all that matters. This a dying woman doing what she wants and she’s doing it well. Her Paso Doble was great in the beginning but it fell off. The judges all admire her attack and commitment. Harper scored 19/30 points.

Keyshawn Johnson & Sharna Burgess- The NFL star tried really hard during his Samba this week. Keyshawn Johnson just isn’t a dancer, but you can tell her had fun during his dance. He got ahead of himself at times and it definitely reflected in the dance. Carrie Anne thinks he’s a bit rough around the edges, Bruno thinks he got overwhelmed and Len admires his effort and complimented his improvement. Johnson scored 18/30 points.

Bill Nye & Tyne Stecklein– Bill Nye was ridiculed last week, and this week he took that criticism and used it as motivation to get through his Paso Doble. You can see an improvement in footwork and I loved that he brought humor to the intense dance. But he’s got two left feet and takes a lot of big steps. Who cares though, he’s the most popular geek out there and pretty much a god. So that’s that. Len appreciates his improvement, Bruno felt he stepped it up and Carrie Anne loves that he works with what he’s got. The science guy scored 17/30 points.

With the Tuesday results show eliminated from this season, we now see the stars perform on Monday night and following the routines we see a star go home. Monday night the first star was eliminated. Last week I predicted Bill Engvall and Keyshawn Johnson to be in the bottom two, and that’s exactly what happened. I also predicted Keyshawn Johnson would be the first star eliminated.

The first star eliminated this season of Dancing with the Stars is…