After Tiller (★★)


AfterTillerAt the base of this documentary is a very open mindset that justifies the issue of abortion, one of the most sensitive topics in American society. ‘After Tiller’ documents the lives of the last four doctors licensed to perform late-term abortions for pregnant women in America. As the world of radicals and enthusiasts rally against them, these four doctors remain strong to their resolve and careers. In a purely objective point of view, this documentary is successful in making the audience question where they stand and why.

Shot to protect the subjects, every angle is carefully moved so as to add sympathy to the people being interviewed. The power given to pregnant ladies when they discover illnesses and harsh circumstances unforeseen is addressed and reasoned by the doctors. Also, the editing and pace of each interview and sequence was well put together and enhanced the emotional sense of the ties each doctor had to Dr. George Tiller and their careers. As human as they were, the doctors were humanized and presented their personal convictions which created a strong human connection between them and the audience.

To present such a strong pro-Choice documentary is a bold move for directors Martha Shane and Lana Wilson. Newly released by Oscilloscope Pictures, this documentary has already grossed $15.5k, putting it within the top 100 films on the domestic charts. As beautiful does the documentary paint these last four determined doctors, Christian radicals and pro-Lifers are painted as monsters in the same light. It is a slow process that just shames different cultures, thus properly making their statement in our increasingly nonchalant world. Nominated at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, ‘After Tiller’ has been an official selection by many film festivals.