Dancing with the Stars: Season 17 Week 3 Recap


dancing-with-the-starsWe’ve reached week three of Dancing with the Stars, and it’s Hollywood night! Also there’s an elimination tonight which is a bummer but hey, get used to it. Side note though, does anyone else hate this whole new Monday night elimination? I think it defeats the purpose of performing that night, just eliminate them at the beginning of the show they don’t waste their time “earning judges votes”. But that’s just me. Tonight was filled with a lot of wow performances along with many injuries. So let’s review Monday nights dancing.

Brant Daugherty & Petra Murgatroyd- The very attractive TV star performed a joyous and energetic Quickstep. Let me tell you, Daugherty opened up this week and showed so much improvement. His Quickstep was filled with so much personality and showed great improvement especially when he was forced to dance side by side with Petra. Bruno loved the joy and spirit of the dance, Carrie Ann thinks he’s a fantastic dancer and Len compliment the speed and control he maintained within the dance. Daugherty scored 27/30 points.

Corbin Bleu & Karina Smirnoff- The High School Musical star wowed us with his Quickstep. We know Bleu is a dancer, and a great one at that, but his challenge this week was maintaining the frame of a ballroom dance, opposed to going all out with a hip hop routine. This Quickstep was really fast and really amazing. He managed to hit every step and never let the speed get the best of him. He was incredible dancing on his own, and even better in hold. Bruno loved the synchronicity of the routine, Carrie Ann felt he nailed the footwork and Len felt is was a hectic routine that lost style with the intense speed. Bleu scored 26/30 points.

Christina Millian & Mark Ballas- After the first week of dancing, singer Christina Millian has continued to show her range as a dancer. Her Charleston Monday night was filled with a lot of footwork and energy. I enjoyed the beginning of the dance a lot, but I sort of lost interest as the dance went on. I think Millian is a talented performer and moves so well, and while the judges think this was her best dance, I disagree. Carrie Ann loves how she gest into the character of each dance, Len thought it was a fabulous dance, but would have preferred the elements of the Charleston to be more on point and Bruno thought it was inventive. Millian scored 26/30 points.

Elizabeth Berkley Lauren & Val Chmerkovskiy- Being in the bottom three last week didn’t stop Elizabeth Berkley Lauren from performing an outstanding Foxtrot. The TV star is always so precise with her movements, if she wasn’t so stiff at times you’d think she was a professional dancer. Her Foxtrot was filled with elegance and charm and was truly a joy to watch. Carrie Ann finds it a thrill to watch her dance, Len thought it was delicious and satisfying and Bruno enjoys her love of dancing. Lauren scored 25/30 points.

Nicole Polizzi & Sasha Farber- Feeling defeated after last week, reality star Nicole Polizzi was determined to conquer the Quickstep. Let’s just say she dominated the Quickstep. Her footwork was fantastic; she was precise and never got overwhelmed by the speed. She really impressed. Len said for her first ballroom dance, he was more than impressed, Bruno admired her commitment to improving and Carrie Ann was blown away. Polizzi scored 25/30 points.

Leah Remini & Tony Dovalani- Television star Leah Remini turned up the steam dancing the Rumba. The Rumba is the dance of passion and she was so sexy and had such chemistry with Tony. She has moments where she moves incredibly well and still it’s surprising. She did a fabulous job with a lot of tough moves. Len loved the chemistry in the dance, Bruno enjoys how she keeps going out of her comfort zone and Carrie Ann complimented her fluidity during the routine. Remini scored 24/30 points.

Amber Riley & Derek Hough- The Glee star danced a very modern Charleston. Riley knows how to perform and despite any mistakes there are ever made she always know how to turn up the dance and bring people to their feet. Len thought it was full of razzle dazzle, Bruno said she sells excitement but footwork needed improvement and Carrie Ann thinks she’s a great performer but her footwork needs improvement. Riley scored 24/30 points.

Bill Engvall & Emma Slater- The comedian keeps coming out every week and proving his ability to dance. After escaping elimination last week he’s back dancing the Paso Doble. I loved every minute of this dance. It was filled with intensity and great movements. I was blown away with his dedication to the Paso. Carrie Ann felt he nailed the dance, Len said it was his best dance so far and Bruno thought it had so much attack. Engvall scored 24/30 points.

Jack Osborne & Cheryl Burke- The reality star performed the Cha Cha Monday night. Osborne was stiff during the beginning of the dance but quickly loosened up as the dance went on. His footwork was well done, but the Cha Cha wasn’t his best dance. Bruno felt it was an ambitious routine, but to watch his hip action, Carrie Ann felt it was good but not his best and Len loved his commitment but was disappointed in the lack of hip action. Osborne scored 22/30 points.

Valerie Harper & Tristan Macmanus- Valerie Harper is back another week and this week for the Cha Cha. Harper messed up, a lot but what I found so inspiring was how she kept pushing through the dance with a smile on her face. She knew she screwed up but she never let it bother her for a second. Bruno felt she looked great despite mistakes, Len thinks it’s great how Tristan takes care of his partner and Carrie Ann felt she lost her way but kept her shine. Harper scored 16/30 points.

Bill Nye & Tyne Stecklein– Bill Nye danced a no so Jazz routine Monday night. Suffering through a really bad injury, Nye came out and did the best he could. Due to his injury he stayed in place and did a lot of dancing with his arms. He enjoyed himself and kept his spirit alive. Bill Nye just went out there and let loose and it was fantastic. Best geek ever. Bruno said it wasn’t a Jazz routine but it was fun to watch, Carrie Ann felt he had a great spirit with the dance and Len complimented his courage to dance. Nye scored 16/30 points.

The bottom two stars this week are Christina Millian and Bill Nye. With so many great dancers on the show this season anybody can end up in the bottom two, even a high scoring couple. But who gets eliminated this week? The high scoring singer or the most popular scientist alive?

The next star going home is…


Bill Nye.

Even though he’s probably the most popular geek alive, this was a blessing in disguise for the injured star. He wasn’t the best dancer but he entertained us all and will be missed.

As far as next weeks elimination goes, I’m stumped. If we were going by scores, Valerie Harper would be the next to go, but I don’t see that happening. I’m just not going to predict anybody this week due to my enraged feelings caused by this stupid elimination change. So, as the writer of this column, I hear by skip this week.

Tune in for Dancing with the Stars at 8pm on Monday on ABC!