Dancing with the Stars: Season 17 Week 4 Recap


dancing-with-the-starsIt’s week four of Dancing with the Stars and the competition is heating up. Every week we seem to have a new star at the top of the leaderboard and it’s great to have such amazing talent this season. Each star has improved in their own way and has given us a season of dancing to enjoy. This week the pack was divided with a bunch at the top, the middle and a few lonely stars at the bottom. Also, we get the pleasure of having pro dancer Julianne Hough guest judge while Len is away. Which star won’t make it through to next week? Let’s review.

Elizabeth Berkley Lauren & Val Chmerkovskiy- My expectations were high for the TV star when I heard she’d be doing the Argentine Tango. She didn’t disappoint once. Her footwork was so sharp and amazing, and she’s always so precise with her movements. I thought it was a good performance but there was a certain entertainment value that prevented it from being perfect. Carrie Ann thinks she’s an elegant and sensuous dancer, Julianne is amazed at how she always takes control during the dance and Bruno told her she should be proud of herself. Lauren scored 27/30 points.

Amber Riley & Derek Hough- Despite injury, Glee star Amber Riley fought through it to produce an intense Tango. Their tango was full of intensity, but you could tell they were being careful due to the injury. But because they were being careful, the other elements of the dance were stronger. Carrie Ann praised her on her crisp footwork, Julianne thought it was a wonderful performance and Bruno thought it was a pure unmistakably amazing Tango. Riley scored 27/30 points.

Corbin Bleu & Karina Smirnoff- High School Musical star Corbin Bleu is back proving he is the best dancer on the show. This week he danced the Paso Doble with such detail and precision. His movements are always so amazing and he moves with such fluidity. There was a lot of content within that Paso and it was just amazing. Carrie Anne felt his movements were stunning; Julianne praised him for not using gimmicks because he doesn’t need them and Bruno felt it was the pure essence of the Paso Doble. Bleu scored 27/30 points.

Jack Osborne & Cheryl Burke- The reality star showed great improvement this week with his Quickstep. I honestly thought he’d struggle with the fast paced dance but he did very, very well. At times he lost his frame but that’s the only part of the dance that wasn’t perfect. Julianne thinks ballroom is his strong suit, Bruno thought his footwork was incredible and Carrie Ann love how animated he was during his performance. Osborne scored 24/30 points.

Christina Millian & Mark Ballas- After finding herself in the bottom two last week, singer Christina Millian’s confidence was low during her Foxtrot. Technically it looked good, but I just didn’t care for it. There was no emotion in the dance and it was one of the more boring and forgettable performances of the night. Bruno thought I was spunky and sultry, Carrie Ann suggested she work on her shoulders and Julianne wants to see a softer side of Christina and see her shine. Millian scored 24/30 points.

Leah Remini & Tony Dovalani- TV star Leah Remini brought her feisty attitude to the Cha Cha. I love how her confidence has grown on the dance floor week after week, but this week her confidence was all over her face but she didn’t move with confidence this week. I don’t think this was her best dance, but her performance was best towards the middle to end. Bruno loves her attitude, Carrie Ann wishes her movements matched her facial expression and Julianne thought her footwork was strong but agreed with Carrie Ann’s statement. Remini scored 24/30 points.

Nicole Polizzi & Sasha Farber– The reality star is growing as a dancer and performer and this week killed it with her Jive. Her footwork was great, she had a great time, but her toes could have been pointed more during her flicks. She’s proving week after week she’s grown up, and I love this version of Polizzi so much more. Julianne loves how she’s growing as a performer, but her flicks need to be sharper, Bruno admires how her performance level has grown and Carrie Ann enjoys that she’s always so fully of energy during her performance. Polizzi scored 24/30 points.

Brant Daugherty & Petra Murgatroyd- After being at the top of the leaderboard last week, TV star Brant Daugherty couldn’t earn extra points in his Salsa with his great pecks. Yep, that’s right, Brant took off his shirt. Finally. I apologize to my boyfriend for getting so flustered during the parts of the dance where he was dancing like crazy shirtless, but damn. As far as entertainment goes, he dazzled and got everybody dancing with him. But his technique was off and messy throughout the Salsa. At times he couldn’t keep up with the pace of the song and when he did let loose it was all over the place. It was a hot mess, just like all the women watching at home. Carrie Anne thought the lifts were fantastic, but the salsa parts were off. Julianne also felt it was sloppy, and Bruno felt he lost his technique but was happy to see him entertain the crowd. Daugherty scored 21/30 points.

Bill Engvall & Emma Slater- Comedian Bill Engvall is the best part of this seasons Dancing with the Stars. There’s nothing better than having a comedian on the show because they bring so much personality into every dance. Engvall’s Samba wasn’t the most fluid dance but it was most certainly entertaining to watch. Julianne complimented him on his endearing quality, Bruno said his Samba had everything you could wish for in a Samba except for timing and rhythm and Carrie Ann said he brings so much joy to the show. Engvall scored 21/30 points.

Valerie Harper & Tristan Macmanus– Valerie Harper keeps bringing tears to our eyes, and this week she did it again dancing the Viennese Waltz. Unfortunately she messed up again, but she had a smile on her face throughout the dance. I’m sure it’s hard for her to remember the steps at her age and with the other elements in her life, but her smile is always worth watching. It almost makes you want to cry when you see her struggle but still succeed. Julianne suggested when she dance that her and Tristan stay in hold, Bruno felt she had moments where she hit her poses beautifully and Carrie Anne said she had beautiful moments during the dance but the mistakes stood out. Harper scored 18/30 points.

This week’s elimination was a tough one to predict. Last week I threw my hands up in the air and took the week off of predicting who would be the next star to go.

Unfortunately, the bottom two this week were Brant and Valerie. A lot of us thought Valerie would make it far due to her terminal illness and many also thought Brant would make it far due to his devilishly good looks. So who’s the next star to go home?


Valerie Harper.

As much as we all love to watch the smile of joy that comes to her face every time she steps on the dance floor, it was time to send her home after a few messy performances.

So, who goes home next week? I think the bottom two next week will be Nicole and Christina, sending Christina home.

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