Ten Best Films of the 51st New York Film Festival!


herThe 51st New York Film Festival is now in the books, ladies and gents. It was a great fest, with 30 movies that unspooled before my eyes (plus a handful that I had to miss for various personal reasons), including my new favorite of the year so far. As compared to last year, I think it was a huge step up, even though I dug the fest in 2012 too. Apparently we didn’t need no stinking Secret Screening! This may have been the most satisfying film festival that I’ve been to so far. Of those 30 movies that I caught, I only actively disliked one (the divisive foreign film Stray Dogs), while I can say that I fell in love with over a half dozen flicks. That’s a pretty great batting average for a festival.

Below you’ll see my list of the ten best things seen at the New York Film Festival this year. Last year none of my NYFF screenings produced a four star movie for me, but this year I came away with a pair of them, as you’ll see shortly. Take a gander now and see which films really hit me hard at the fest: