Pilot Review: Reign (★★)


Reign CW PosterThe trailers promised a most a saucy girl in a display of power, only to disappoint. ‘Reign‘ is about the beginnings of Mary, Queen of Scots and how she became the Queen. With heavy influences from ‘The Tudors‘ (2007) and all of the Shakespearean films depicting that time, the production design and overall look of this series is brilliant despite the CW being known for pretty people with poor talent and warping stories.

With Adelaide Kane as the young Mary and Toby Regbo as Prince Francis, Megan Follows is the plotting Queen Catherine as Torrance Coombs enters as Bash. Fully equipped with the love triangle, evil mother-in-law, and a seemingly innocent girl looking to discover herself, this story feels much too simple and bland to be addicting. With a long list of handsome and pretty faces glittering the screens in the true CW fashion of young adult behavior, scandal, and love, the cast only reinforces the poor image quality of the network and their choice of shows.

With hopes of being thrilled and enticed into a new world of temptations and seduction, the French Court is illustrated well and adds to the weak dynamics at play in the light and shadows. Sound and music pulls in and pushes viewers out of the mood, leaving a misguided effort in editing and the matching of the mood. Still not as attractive than many of the new pilots and drifting too close to ‘The Game Of Thrones‘ without all the excitement and ‘Gossip Girl‘ with all of the misguided story points, it is terribly unlikely for this show to gather more viewers and momentum.