The Good Wife 5.04 – “Outside the Bubble”


I want to start off by apologizing to the readers for the lack of Good Wife reviews last week. Life got in the way. Last week, in a nutshell, had Diane forced of the firm after her interview. Luckily, that’s all you need to know for this week.

the-good-wifeThis episode’s main case deals with the firm being sued by a paralegal named Chrissy. She’s suing everyone in the firm, with the exception of Kalinda (we’ll get to why in a minute). Her claims are debunked one by one over the course of the episode, but it’s not her that’s after the firm. Viola, Diane’s old rival, is Chrissy’s lawyer. She’s doing this more as a stunt to make Diane look bad for her Judgeship nomination. To be fair, someone does actually sexually harass Chrissy, but it’s the senile older partner Howard Lyman, who exposed himself to her.  And a few other women. (Ick!) The ploy fails once Kalinda reveals that the reason why Chrissy didn’t name her in the lawsuit is because they had very, very consensual encounters with each other in the firm.  This case is entertaining, but unfortunately feels distracting. There seems little point to it by the end.

The case is the least of the episode’s draw, though. Alicia is asked by Cary and the fourth years to use her partner status to download confidential files of Diane’s old cases. It’s opportunistic, but they need to be if they even want to try to succeed in the new firm. Unfortunately, because Diane was mentioned in this lawsuit, she returns to the firm and tries to download one of the files. When it reads that the file is in use by Alicia, she immediately catches on. Diane meets up with the client whose file was being downloaded to see if she’s leaving Lockhart/Garnder’s services behind. That’s when she finds out Alicia is taking the clients with her and the fourth years. Then she tells Will. Now THAT’S a hook for next week!

Diane’s other plot this week is her marriage to right-winger Kurt (Gary Cole). They run into Diane’s old friends at a restaurant where Kurt gets into a political argument with them. They see Diane in private and beg her not to marry him. They’re argument that you can’t be in love and disagree politics is utterly ridiculous. I give the show credit for portraying Diane’s friends as the sort of hypocritical liberals that go back on what they’re supposed to believe. It’s not portraying liberals as the Commie Bastards like 24 did, but an actual argument that sometimes our politics blind us from other possibilities. Diane, an uber-liberal to begin with, scoffs at their remarks. She does end up meeting Kurt’s own friends; all of whom are girls in their twenties he met in his class. Some seeds of doubt are planted in her mind about whether this will work out, but she puts them to rest. They get married in the court house later in the episode.

The third plot isn’t much to write home about. Eli butts heads with Peter’s mother yet again (seriously, how many enemies does Eli have?). She’s her usual control freak self, rearranging Peter’s office and booking the Inaugural Ball at the mansion. However, Eli gives into her demands once issues come up with the dad from Wonder Years. It serves less purpose than any other plot, and it’s just flat out redundant. Eli and Jackie have had too many arguments to count. Why can’t we just move on?

Christine Baranski owns this episode. Diane has the most scenes of any character this week, and she does not waster a singe second of them. The scene at the end where she goes to tell Will of Alicia’s treachery is done with a wordless, stunned look that spells out Diane’s shock to it. Baranski still has the quiet chemistry with Cole that makes me actually believe those two could pull off a relationship like that. I’m assuming this will be her Emmy submission this year, unless an episode down the line proves even stronger.

Then there’s the preview for next week. Oh God, that preview. Next week is going to be a big one. It’s called “Hitting the Fan”. That title is too appropriate now that Alicia and the fourth years are in some hot water. Next week can’t come soon enough.

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