Dancing with the Stars: Season 17 Semi-final Recap


dancing-with-the-stars It’s the Semi-finals on Dancing with the Stars and the stars are really feeling the pressure. This week they will perform two dances to the same song and will have to interpret the song in two different ways. To add to the pressure, pro dancer Maks is back guest judging. So will a star crack under the pressure and get eliminated or will this be Bill’s last week? Let’s review.

Amber Riley & Derek Hough– The Glee star danced a very full Jazz routine. This routine was so much fun to watch and she was just having a blast. She brought so much attack and personality and they way her and Derek stayed in sync throughout the routine was fantastic. Len wanted her to do it again and Bruno thought it was a rich and fierce routine. Carrie Ann said she’s in a class of her own and Maks thought it was amazing and intricate. Riley scored 39/40 points.

Amber Riley is a beautiful dancer and she showed that she is a dancer with her Viennese Waltz. Len loved the dance and Bruno thought she danced like an angel. Carrie Ann said the way she interprets the music takes you to another place and Maks said that if she continues to dance this way she will win. Riley scored 40/40 points giving her an overall score of 79 points.

Corbin Bleu & Karina Smirnoff- The High School Musical star performed an intense Tango. I loved this performance; it had attack right from the start and Bleu danced with such power. The theatrics and movements were so amazing, and the speed of the dance made you watch even closer so you wouldn’t miss anything. Bruno loved the drive and intensity, but found he lost frame at time and Carrie Ann has never seen a Tango with so much fury. Maks found the content and creativity amazing and Len though it was too full on for a Tango. Bleu scored 35/40 points.

Bleu’s danced the Rumba next. He is such an amazing dancer, probably one of the best the show has ever had. He moves with such fluidity and power, and it’s spectacular to watch. Bruno said his quality of movement is unbelievable and Carrie Ann was transported to another world. Maks said he has a huge advantage in the competition and Len thought the technique was great. Bleu scored 40/40 points giving him a total of 75 points for the night.

Jack Osborne & Cheryl Burke– Reality star Jack Osborne struggled this week with Jazz. His strength is ballroom and you can tell he stepped far out of his comfort zone with the choreography given to him. I was impressed with his ability to do some of the movements outside hold, but this wasn’t his best dance. Carrie Ann could tell he was uncomfortable with this dance and Maks found it great and loved it. Len felt it lacked finesse and Bruno thought it was a very hard routine for someone who isn’t used to dancing jazz. Osborne scored 33/40 points.

Osborne excels at ballroom dancing and he proved that point once again during his Argentine Tango. He danced with great intensity and did his lifts so well. His best dance so far. Carrie Ann loved how every movement was done with passion and precision and Maks appreciated the no nonsense performance. Len said he came out and sold the dance and Bruno thinks his transformation is unbelievable. Osborne scored 38/40 points giving him a total of 71 points.

Leah Remini & Tony Dovalani- TV star Leah Remini danced the Paso Doble for her first dance. She has become such a sexy dancer, but it seemed in this Paso she was holding back a lot. She usually comes out with a certain amount of intensity and the dance that required that, lacked it. It was a good dance, but seemed safe. Len found the dance neat and precise, but wanted more attack. Bruno said she missed two turns and wanted more intensity, Carrie Ann felt she brought drama too the dance but it was internalized. Lastly, Maks thought it was a great and basic Paso but wanted more emotion. Remini scored 32/40 points.

Remini’s second dance was the Argentine Tango. Tonight for some reason her confidence lacked. I thought this was a very careful dance and there wasn’t much content to make it stand out. Once again the dance lacked intensity. Len feels she didn’t embrace the dance, but Bruno liked the sensual and intimate side of the dance. Carrie Ann felt she needed more confidence and Maks agreed that she needed to bring out more of her personality. Remini scored 33/40 points giving her a total of 65 points.

Bill Engvall & Emma Slater- The comedian danced a Cha Cha with a hurt groin. He was totally off during this dance and it wasn’t good at all. But when Engvall enjoys himself during the dance you don’t notice the mistakes so much, but during the dance his focus was somewhere else. Maks said the dance had a lot of issue but he acknowledges the hard work he’s put into it and Len said he’s the peoples champion. Bruno said it’s a pleasure watching him perform and Carrie Ann thanked him for brining joy back into the ballroom. Engvall scored 28/40 points.

Engvall totally impressed me with his Argentine Tango. This was his best dance! He took the dance so seriously and nailed every step of the dance. He was simply fantastic and you can tell he put so much work into making this dance perfect. Maks thought it was a great interpretation of the music and Len loves his will to win. Bruno appreciated how he set the mood and played it straight and Carrie Ann was captivated and loved that he didn’t joke around. Engvall scored 32/40 points giving him an overall score of 60 points.

Next week is the finals so which star will not make it? The bottom two this week was Leah Remini and Bill Engvall.

The next star eliminated is…

leah remini

Leah Remini.

BILL ENGVALL MADE IT TO THE FINALS!!! I’m happy about this news.

Tune in Monday at 8pm on ABC for an epic finale episode of Dancing with the Stars!