Dancing with the Stars: Season 17 Finals


dancing-with-the-starsTuesday night will bring the results we’ve all been waiting for this season on Dancing with the Stars. A new champion will be crowned and we have a group of fabulous dancers to choose from. Monday night the stars will redeem themselves with a judges pick dance, then they will compete in a Samba relay, followed by the famous Freestyle dance. So which star will miss making it to the finale? Let’s review.

Amber Riley & Derek Hough- The judges wanted to see an improvement in Amber Riley’s Charleston. I thought it was an amazing dance the first time around, but it was so much more intense the second time. Carrie Ann said they were in sync and balance throughout the entire routine, Len thought it was the most improved couples dance and Bruno complimented Riley on her sharp footwork. Riley scored 30/30 points.

I absolutely loved this Freestyle. Riley always knows how to hold her own when she dances in a group. She could have danced this freestyle alone and still would have scored perfectly. The routine was filled with variety and excitement, and she proved that she deserves to win. Bruno said that she’s a leading lady with star power, Carrie Ann said she commanded the dance and Len said she’s a class act built to last. Riley scored 64 points, with 4 additional points from the Samba relay.

Corbin Bleu & Karina Smirnoff- The judges wanted to see improvement in Corbin Bleu’s Quickstep. This guy is such a talented dancer that he doesn’t need improvement. I was hoping the judges would want to see the Game of Thrones routine again. He always moves so well and is simply amazing. Len felt he calmed down the routine and had far more control, Bruno thought he had control but saw him go out of sync due to the difficult footwork and Carrie Ann thought there was no improvement. Bleu scored 27/30 points.

I was expecting a lot from Bleu’s freestyle routine and I’m not going to lie, I was sort of let down. He did a freestyle routine inspired by Michael Jackson. I thought it was a good routine with a lot of great content, but I was let down by the lack of originality. Bruno said he managed to combine ballroom and Michael Jackson, Carrie Ann thought he nailed imitation MJ and Len gave him a standing ovation. Bleu received 30 points giving him 62 points with an additional 5 points added from the Samba relay.

Jack Osborne & Cheryl Burke– Knowing ballroom is Jack Osborne’s strong suit, the judges chose the Jive as his comeback dance. The dance is very fast and he lost his timing early on in the routine and never seemed to recover. It’s a shame but he’s still come a long way this season. Bruno felt the timing was off but complimented his transformation this season, Carrie Ann thought it was better the first time around and Len also agreed his timing was off. Osborne scored 24/30 points.

Jack Osborne performed his best dance of the season. His dance was pretty much a summary of his improvement throughout the competition and it was simply amazing. This was a very challenging routine and he nailed it with perfection. Carrie Ann enjoyed it, Len said he is a true showstopper and Bruno felt it was tailored to perfection. Osborne scored 30 points giving him a total of 57 points, including an additional 3 points from the Samba relay.

Bill Engvall & Emma Slater- For the judges pick dance, Bill Engvall worked very hard to improve his Viennese Waltz. Throughout the season Engvall has done everything in his power to be the best dancer he can be, and while it may not be his strong suit, bringing joy to everybody is. When he needs to be serious, he becomes such a wonderful and fluid dancer. Despite showing very little improvement, it was a sweet dance that reminds you why he made it this far. Len thought it was an improvement but he lost timing, Bruno feels he brings such sincerity to his performances but he lost timing and Carrie Ann admires him for playing his own game and staying true to himself throughout the competition. Engvall scored 24/30 points.

Engvall knew it would be his last week on the show and made sure to enjoy himself. Dancing a Indiana Jones themed freestyle, he had great personality and content. He stayed in sync with Emma throughout the entire dance and enjoyed himself like he has the entire season. Len loves his ability to entertain, Bruno complimented him on being insanely good fun and Carrie Ann said he’s ever mans dream. Engvall scored 51 points, scoring an additional 2 points from the Samba relay.

After an energetic night of dancing it was time to say goodbye to one star the night before the big finale. Jack and Bill rounded out the bottom two.

The next star eliminated from Dancing with the Stars is…

bill engvall

Bill Engvall.

Let’s give the guy some credit, he gave it his all and entertained us to the fullest. Nobody thought he would make it this far, but it truly brought joy to my Monday’s seeing him perform and beat out the competition.

Tuesday night is the finale of Dancing with the Stars and winner will be named. Will it be Corbin, Amber or Jack? Tune in at 9pm on ABC for the two hour season finale.