Joey’s DVD Picks of the Week (11/26/2013)


canyonsThis week, once again there’s that unenviable situation of having at least some degree of a shortage in terms of new releases to choose from on Blu-Ray/DVD, along with a lack of overt quality too. Honestly, you probably shouldn’t be surprised by that anymore, since it happens from time to time and it’s a holiday week, so it makes a bit of sense. It’s not exactly an atrocious day for movies or anything of that particular nature overall, but it’s still not a particular week where a whole ton of things are hitting shelves, as were the cases that I warned you about over the summer. If you’ll recall, the summer can be a bit on the rough side for this column, plain and simple, so at least we’re not back there now. I really didn’t have much of a choice with my top pick this week when all was said and done, so it was kind of academic, honestly (though I’m not ashamed by my choice). For my PICK OF THE WEEK, I opted for the only title I’ve actually seen and enjoyed to any real degree. Luckily, it’s an enjoyable enough flick to warrant this position, though I obviously don’t find this to be an ideal situation, so I’m cool with honoring a guilty pleasure today. Anyway, I’ll reveal that film in question a little bit later on (though I think many of you will accurately guess it if you try), but for now, why don’t we dive back into the always diverse and entertaining world of Vintage picks to start things off!

Vintage Viewing

Robin Hood with Little John dancingIn honor of this week’s release of Frozen (my review of which can be found here, along with my recent interview with the filmmakers right here), I’m going to honor my childhood and cite a one of my favorite non Pixar Disney flicks. As much as I love The Sword and the Stone, I think I have to go with Robin Hood here, if only for the fact that I adore it and recently discovered that I still know the Oo De Lally song word for word (listen to it here and see if you still do). It made me smile and feel like a kid again, much like Disney’s newest musical, so that alone made it worth recommending. Settle in with it over Thanksgiving and enjoy.

Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me

This documentary was supposed to be pretty solid but I missed it during its theatrical run. I might take a look now though, so perhaps you’ll want to do the same?

Box Office: $105,998


Oh man was this action flick ever a piece of junk. I had expected it to be crummy, but boy did it turn out to be even worse than I’d imagined it could have been. I looked over the wreckage in my review here, but basically just avoid this one at all costs…

Box Office: $10,501,938


Another title I missed, though I’m not sure how much I was missing. Ashton Kutcher playing Steve Jobs kind of sounds like a Saturday Night Live sketch to me, but I’m open to this one exceeding my expectations. I’ll probably check it out before the year ends, though don’t hold me to it.

Box Office: $16,131,410

Red 2

I thought the first film was a mostly entertaining lark, but this one seems to not really have a point. I’m sure you could do worse for some mindless entertainment, but realistically you could do a lot better too…

Box Office: $53,262,560

TV Releases

  • Breaking Bad: The Final Season
  • Ghost Hunters International: The Final Season
  • Impractical Jokers: The Complete First Season (EDITOR’S PICK)


The Canyons

Canyons_JPEG_01404302_2kWe all know about the behind the scenes drama on the set of this movie, but lost in all that is that the end result is far from terrible. In fact, this is worth seeing for the performances of Lindsey Lohan and James Deen, who do a lot with a little. This could have been an embarrassing disaster, but instead it’s a grimy little guilty pleasure, somewhere between decent indie and B movie territory. Don’t go in expecting a moving character study, but to be fair, this isn’t The Room either. I went over this more in my review here, but in a barren week like this one, a curiosity pick such as this could certainly liven up an evening. Give it a shot.

Special Features: A Making Of and a Featurette…
Total Box Office: $51,135
Major Award: None yet, and don’t expect any, though an unfair Razzie or two could come its way…

What will you be watching this week? Discuss in the comments!

  • Joey Magidson

    The impending weeks will be an improvement, trust me…

  • Wow….this selection lol. Red 2 wins my doubts there.

    Also I will watch “The Canyons”; I have a soft spot for Linsay…I have this bizarre dream/hope that she will revive her career in her 40s. Like she’s going to be working those woman-in-denial-of-her-age roles like her life depends on it. Lol, I know how sad this is, but alas, I’m a fan.

    • Joey Magidson

      Duly noted…