Saturday Night Live Recap: 39.08 “Paul Rudd/One Direction”



I honestly didn’t know what to expect this weekend on ‘SNL’. Paul Rudd. One Direction. This episode could have been either very good or very bad. My verdict……it was pretty bad. Aside from the first 2 or so sketches that were filled with cameos, the rest of it just felt like filler skits that didn’t really make much sense and weren’t relevant.

The good:

Monologue: A monologue is supposed to showcase the host’s comic abilities and let him or her shine by themselves for at least a couple of minutes. This wasn’t the case tonight. One Direction came out while Rudd’s three other ‘Anchorman’ co-stars cameoed and they all sang “Afternoon Delight”, to the delight of the audience. Now, it wasn’t hilarious at all or even very funny, but the moment was charming and one of the few tolerable bits of the night.

Dan Charles, #1 One Direction Fan: Paul Rudd played the part of a crazy adult fan of One Direction perfectly. Even if you knew where some of the jokes were going and found the whole thing mostly predictable, it was a joy to watch and THIS was the bit that gave Rudd the chance to show everyone that he can be very funny on his own.

Weekend Update: WU was trash this week. The only thing that saved it was an appearance by Jacob (Vanessa Bayer), the Bar Mitzvah boy. I just adore this awkward little character so much and it’s sad that tonight was probably the last time we’ll see Jacob and Seth Meyers together. Let’s hope for a Stefon cameo for Seth’s last show very soon!

The ugly:

The Sound Of Music Condensed: This sketch should have been very funny. In fact, I was hoping that they would somehow make fun of the recent TV special. So, I was giddy with excitement when it started, and then Kristen Wiig’s Dooneese character had to pop up. This bit wasn’t funny… ever, and it’s still not funny. This sketch was so useless. Also, Fred Armisen made a special appearance as well during this mess.

Fred and Kristen: Go away, you haven’t given us time to actually miss you! Not that I ever will, but still.

NEXT WEEK: John Goodman/Kings Of Leon

What did you think of SNL this weekend?