Modern Family Recap: 5.10 “The Old Man & The Tree”



This has to be, hands down, the worst episode yet of Modern Family this season. This was supposed to be the Christmas episode, but it didn’t feel merry and full of holiday spirit at all. What happened to the days where sitcoms had great Christmas episodes and were filled with heart and humor? Sadness.

The holidays are approaching, and Cam takes Lily to go help the needy while Mitch shops for her “Puppy Pound” must-have toy and gifts for their friend Pepper’s party. What Cam realizes eventually is that he and his daughter are not seen as helpers but as the needy. So, Lily takes full advantage of this at first and gets her Puppy Pound as charity. Cam, of course, feels horrible about this and when Mitch comes to pick them up, gives away all of the “adult” gifts to the children without realizing what they were. Lily, on the other hand, gives us a bit of Christmas cheer by giving away her toy to someone less fortunate. The only sweet moment in the entire 30 minute episode.

Meanwhile, Gloria dumps her mom on Claire for an afternoon of cooking while she leaves with the baby. When she comes back, Claire and her mom are the best of friends, leaving Gloria extremely envious. The two end up fighting like sisters, but things work out when both realize that the bonds created by mothers and daughters are forever. This lesson also helps Claire internally resolve some of her issues with her own mother.

The funniest story of the episode has to be when Haley and Alex work at the mall as Santa’s elf and Mrs. Claus respectively. Things so awry when Santa decides to leave and the children start tormenting the girls. The weakest story is when Jay decides to get a real Christmas tree and takes Manny with him to find one. A complete waste of time to watch. Just like most of the episode was.

Are you liking Modern Family this season?