Box Office Results (09.16.13)


This week, the international scene was a battle of ice and fire, ‘Frozen (2013)‘ (BV) freezing over the European countries and southern Asian countries, as ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire‘ (LG) burned up the last few days of the week, melting down Monday and Tuesday, before Smaug lent his fire in ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug‘ (WB) that opened on Friday.

 Making a major leap up the charts, ‘Out of the Furnace‘ (Rela.) landed on #3, ‘Frozen (2013)‘ in at #1 with ‘Catching Fire‘ close behind. ‘Thor: The Dark World‘ (BV) stormed into #4, ‘Delivery Man‘ (BV) at #5, ‘Homefront‘ (ORF) at #6, and ‘The Book Thief‘ (Fox) held on tight to #7. Going with the holiday spirit, ‘The Best Man Holiday‘ (Uni.) took #8, ‘Philomena‘ (Wein.) at #9, and Golden Globe nominee ‘Dallas Buyers Club‘ (Focus) landed in at #10. New release, ‘Inside Llewyn Davis‘ (CBS) moved in to #19, following a rise in popularity due to the Golden Globe nominations.

This weekend, Smaug chased Bilbo in to #1, blowing all others out of the competition with more than a $50 million cushiony lead. The chilly tale drops to #2, with ‘Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas‘ (LGF) rode a sleigh in to #3, ‘Catching Fire‘ close behind, as ‘Thor 2‘ battled into #5. ‘Out of the Furnace’ burned away #6, ‘Delivery Man‘ at #7, ‘Philomena‘ at #8, ‘The Book Thief‘ at #9, and ‘Homefront‘ dropped to #10. New release ‘American Hustle‘ (Sony) conned its way into #15 as ‘Saving Mr. Banks‘ (BV) danced into #18.

 Rank Title  Studio
 1 The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Warner Bros.
 2 Frozen (2013) Buena Vista
 3 Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas Lionsgate Films
 4 The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Lionsgate Films
 5 Thor: The Dark World Buena Vista
 6 Out of the Furnace Relativity
 7 Delivery Man Buena Vista
 8 Philomena Weinstein Co.
 9 The Book Thief Fox
 10 Homefront Open Road Films

This week, ‘Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues‘ opens on the 17th, ‘Her‘ in limited release on the 18th, and ‘Walking With Dinosaurs‘ will be available in 3D and 2D on the 19th. The big opening will be on Christmas day, a slew of Golden Globe features with the Bieber documentary, and a few more that many have been looking forward to seeing. Looking forward to seeing how the holidays impact the box office next week!