Box Office Results (02.16.14)


Internationally, ‘The LEGO Movie‘ (WB) landed #1 on 12 charts, ‘RoboCop (2014)‘ (Sony) on 11 charts, and ‘Frozen (2013)‘ (BV) on three. In China, ‘The Monkey King‘ is the highest grossing film in about Sun Wu-Kong, the Monkey King that is very exciting and inspired many of the legends about his journey to the West. Although America has made a version in the past, though animated, is quite accurate and well done. But the cultural values and style is important to the telling of the story, which can be seen better through the production and costume design in the film, which makes the Chinese people proud of their heritage and history. Second highest grossing film is ‘Frozen‘ in South Korea and ‘Mr. Peabody and Sherman‘ (Fox) is third, racking it in from the UK. On the daily charts, ‘The LEGO Movie‘ was #1 on Monday, ‘RoboCop‘ took over on Wednesday, ‘About Last Night‘ (SGem) on Friday, and the little men of LEGO dominated the rest of the days.

robocop_by_thomaswievegg-d5w2a33Domestically this week, the LEGO boys ranked #1 on the weekly charts grossing just over $80 million, ‘The Monuments Men‘ (Sony) grosses just over $28.6 million, ‘Ride Along‘ (Uni.) in at #3. From here on out, none of the films break the $10 million marker. ‘Frozen‘ fizzles into #4, ‘Lone Survivor‘ (Uni.) sounds into #5, ‘That Awkward Moment‘ (Focus) flaunts to #6, taking a $2 million lead over ‘RoboCop‘ at #7. ‘Vampire Academy‘ (Wein.) bit into #8, Paramount’s ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit‘ landed $0.2 million behind the Dhampier and Moroi students, with ‘The Nut Job‘ (ORF) plunked in at #10. The week’s total gross doesn’t come close to breaking the billion mark, but hovers closer to $200 million collectively which is about $20 million more than the same week last year.

This weekend, the little LEGO men remained at #1, ‘About Last Night‘ (SGem) grossed $27 million this weekend, laughing in to #2, with the rapping blonde Abbie Cornish smoothing ‘RoboCop‘ in to #3. Grossing $15 million, ‘The Monuments Men‘ takes #4, and #5 is the remake of a past Brooke Shields classic, ‘Endless Love (2014)‘ from Universal. The rest of the top 10 don’t break $10 million; ‘Ride Along‘ at #6, ‘Winter’s Tale‘ (WB) warps in to #7, the two-time Oscar nominated ‘Frozen‘ takes #8, ‘Lone Survivor‘ at #9, and ‘That Awkward Moment‘ tumbles down the charts to #10. Outside the top 10, ‘Beijing Love Story‘ (CL) lands at #29.

Rank Title Studio
1 The LEGO Movie Warner Bros.
2 About Last Night ScreenGems
3 RoboCop Sony
4 The Monuments Men Sony
5 Endless Love (2014) Universal
6 Ride Along Universal
7 Winter’s Tale Warner Bros.
8 Frozen (2014) Buena Vista
9 Lone Survivor Universal
10 That Awkward Moment Focus Films

This upcoming week includes the release of ‘Pompeii‘ on the 20th with ‘3 Days to Kill‘ on the 21st, headlining Kevin Costner, Amber Heard, and Hailee Steinfeld. Several other films are in limited release including; ‘Child’s Pose‘, ‘Barefoot‘, and ‘The Wind Rises‘. Still, all eyes remain on the appending Oscars, especially after the pre-Oscar events that have happened. The excitement grows as the numbers prove some nominees ahead of others.