Box Office Results (02.23.14)

Chris Pratt will hopefully be a household name after this film.

Though ‘RoboCop (2014)‘ (Sony) maneuvered into #1 in most of the countries , just ahead of ‘The LEGO Movie‘ (WB) which lodged in firmly in to #1 every day this week which is also #2 at the international box office. This week, following our little men of blocks, ‘About Last Night (2014)‘ (SGem) takes #2, ‘RoboCop‘ blasted into #3, ‘The Monuments Men‘ (Sony) stole into #4, with ‘Endless Love (2014)‘ (Uni.) steaming up the charts to #5. ‘Ride Along‘ (Uni.) blows ahead of ‘Frozen (2014)‘ (BV), ‘Winter’s Tale‘ (WB) stormed in to #8, with ‘The Lone Survivor‘ (Uni.) and ‘That Awkward Moment‘ (Focus) rounding up the weekly top 10 on the domestic charts. Possible explanations for ‘Beijing Love Story‘ (CL) flying into #34 could be the upcoming White Day that is popular in Asian countries, more so than the American Valentine’s Day that was on the 14th, while ‘Girl on Bicycle’ (Mont.) rode into #47 of the 88 current films in theaters.

This weekend, the boys of LEGO are stable at #1, ‘3 Days to Kill‘ (Rela.) races into #2 as ‘Pompeii‘ (TriS) fought into #3. ‘RoboCop‘, ‘The Monuments Men‘, and ‘About Last Night‘ fall into line behind. In a shuffle of titles, ‘Ride Along‘, ‘Frozen‘, and ‘Endless Love‘ land within grossing $400K, as ‘Winter’s Tale‘ is barely able to hold on to #10. The two new releases that will spark plenty interest include Hayao Miyazaki’s last piece ‘The Wind Rises‘ (BV) at #24 and ‘In Secret‘ (RAtt.) featuring Elizabeth Olsen.

Rank Title Studio
1 The LEGO Movie Warner Bros.
2 3 Days to Kill Relativity
3 Pompeii TriStar
4 RoboCop (2014) Sony
5 The Monuments Men Sony
6 About Last Night (2014) ScreenGems
7 Ride Along Universal
8 Frozen Buena Vista
9 Endless Love (2014) Universal
10 Winter’s Tale Warner Bros.

One of the cutest things this week, I would say, comes from CineFix. Watch the entire video here, but the idea of using children to re-enact the Oscar nominated films is too cute for words! Moving on, this final week of February  opens with the release of ‘Silent But Deadly‘, a comedic horror made in 2012, with ‘Non-Stop‘ featuring Oscar nominated Lupita Nyong’o and ‘Son of God‘, a revised story of Jesus, to be released on February 27th. The 28th has many limited releases with film festival favorite ‘The Lunchbox‘ and the international film ‘Stalingrad‘ on Friday. March will see the release of the sequel to ‘300‘, ‘Divergent‘ featuring Shailene Woodley, and a star-studded cast for ‘Noah‘.