Box Office Results (03.02.12)


This week, ‘Pompeii‘ (TriS) took #1 on 10 on the international charts, ‘The LEGO Movie‘ (WB) on five international charts, and both ‘The Monuments Men‘ (Sony) and ‘Robocop (2014)‘ (Sony) land on top on four international charts. However, the highest grossing film with $33 million is ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug‘ (WB) in China. Second highest grossing movie is ‘The Lego Movie‘ nearing $10 million and the French film ‘Les trois freres, le retour‘ (Wild Bunch) grosses just over $4 million. Every day this week, the little men of LEGOS took #1 until ‘Non-Stop‘ (Uni.) was released on Friday, until ‘Son of God‘ (Fox) took #1 on Sunday. However, for the month of February, the LEGOs take #1, the artwork retrieval team sneak in to #2, and our robotic man takes #3.


This week, our small troop of LEGOs took #1, grossing more than ‘3 Days to Kill‘ (Rela.) at #2 and ‘Pompeii‘ at #3 combined. ‘RoboCop‘ took #4, George Clooney leads another group of men in hostile territory in at #5, ‘About Last Night (2014)‘ (SGem) at #6, and ‘Ride Along‘ (Uni.) at #7. Teetering down the charts, despite the Oscars, ‘Frozen‘ (BV) followed ‘Endless Love (2014)‘ (Uni.) and ‘Winter’s Tale‘ (WB) rounds off the top 10 films of this week. Outside of the top ten, the last great masterpiece of Hayao Miyazaki from Studio Ghibli,’The Wind Rises‘ (BV), landed at #24 amidst the Oscar nominated films dropping down, out of the top 10 on the charts, but staying within #50.

This weekend, ‘Non-Stop‘ flew into #1, ‘Son of God‘ at #2, ‘The LEGO Movie‘ at #3, and ‘The Monuments Men‘ in at #4. Kevin Costner jumps in to #5, Joel Kinnaman suits up at #6, Kit Harrington battles in at #7, as the tale of the ice queen with a musical twist freezes over #8. Still together, both #9 and #10 feature Kevin Hart, the first is directed by Steve Pink and the second Tim Story. From Paramount, as a special R-Rated extended cut comes ‘Anchorman 2‘, in at #14, ‘Repentance‘ (LGF) just ahead of ‘Stalingrad‘ (Sony), with a couple of stragglers new to the charts.

Rank Title Studio
1 Non-Stop Universal
2 Son of God Fox
3 The LEGO Movie Warner Bros.
4 The Monuments Men Sony
5 3 Days to Kill Relativity
6 RoboCop (2014) Sony
7 Pompeii TriStar
8 Frozen Buena Vista
9 About Last Night (2014) Sony
10 Ride Along Universal

New releases this week include ‘Particle Fever‘ on March 5th and ‘300: Rise of an Empire‘ on March 6th. The 7th hails the release of ‘Mr. Peabody & Sherman‘ in theaters, whereas several other smaller and more independent films will open in limited release, such as ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel‘, ‘The Face of Love‘, and the animation, ‘War of the Worlds: Goliath‘.