Box Office Results (03.09.14)


This week has been exciting, with the beautiful women in lovely gowns walking down the red carpet of the Academy Awards, to the big win for ‘Gravity‘ (WB) and the lack of awards for films like ‘American Hustle‘ and ‘Captain Philipps‘. ‘Non-Stop‘ (Uni.) places at #1 more than any other film this week and grosses highest in South Korea, ‘The LEGO Movie‘ (WB) and ‘Pompeii‘ (TriS) coming in second most at #1 on five charts each, and the cute and much discussed ‘Mr. Peabody And Sherman‘ (Fox) on top on three charts, while the highest grossing film at #1 is ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug‘ (WB) in China. For this week, Liam Neeson shot his way up to #1, keeping his place until Friday, when ‘300: Rise Of An Empire‘ (WB) fought in to the top spot.


At the domestic box office this week, ‘Non-Stop‘ followed by ‘Son of God‘ (Fox) jumped up the charts, leading with over $30 million each, our legion of LEGOs taking #3, ‘The Monuments Men‘ (Sony) while Kevin Costner fights to be a good father and keep the world safe at #5. The 2014 rendition of ‘Robocop‘ (Sony) takes #6, just barely ahead of the ‘Pompeii‘ disappointment, ‘Frozen‘ (BV) takes a win for best animated feature and original song at the Oscars at #8, with ‘About Last Night‘ (sGem) and ‘Ride Along‘ (Uni.) dropping down the charts.  This weekend the box office saw a few new films knocking down some of the older titles. Most of the anticipation now lies in the release of ‘Divergent‘ on March 21st and an epic tale inspired by the biblical story of ‘Noah‘ on the 28th of this month. The rest lies all in the limited releases.

Rank Title Studio
1 300: Rise of an Empire Warner Bros.
2 Mr. Peabody & Sherman Fox
3 Non-Stop Universal
4 The LEGO Movie Warner Bros.
5 Son of God Fox
6 The Monuments Men Sony
7 3 Days to Kill Relativity
8 Frozen Buena Vista
9 12 Years A Slave Fox Searchlight
10 Ride Along Universal

Major jumps this weekend include ‘12 Years A Slave‘, the best picture Oscar winner, with all eyes on Lupita Nyong’o as she blazes a trail for women all around the world. The long anticipated ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel‘ (FoxS) only manages to rank #17 upon release while ‘The Face of Love‘ (IFC) manages to hit #43 grossing $25,800. Of the films out and about, nothing is very gripping, but be sure to check out our reviews and show some love in the comments!