Top Ten Tuesday – Oscar Snubs of 1998


top101Debuting a few new series at the Awards Circuit this week, we have decided to venture off into the deep currents of Top 10’s.  Named “Top Ten Tuesday” for obvious reasons, this gives all of us an opportunity to examine not just film and Oscar snubs, but actor’s performances and screenwriter’s scripts, hell, even simple subject matter.  Teaming up with staff writer Terence, we will bring you a new list every week to discuss.

For this inaugural piece, I’ve decided to focus on the year 1998, as Sam did in his new series “Six Spot” that debuted yesterday.  As the Awards Circuit Community Awards continues to go back in time to look at every film year, the Oscar year that included two of my favorite films of all-time sticks out proficiently.  Like any Academy Awards lineup, you can also point out blatant omissions and head-scratching inclusions.  This will list the 10 biggest Oscar snubs of 1998.

Click through the list:

  • Robert MacFarlane

    I’m not going to lie, outside of the Pleasanville mentions, which I wholeheartedly agree with, I disagree with a lot of these to an absurd degree. Kaye is the only nomination AHX SHOULDN’T have gotten. Editing, on the other hand… Young and his one scene was by and far the worst thing about Saving Private Ryan due to that utterly insulting ending. City of Angels deserved nothing for ruining one of the greatest films ever made, especially those cheesy-ass songs. Also, if you think Cameron Diaz was funny, you MUST have found Matt Dillon to be a riot, because he was the thing that prevents me from hating that movie.

    And seriously, THE BIG LEBOWSKI. NUFF SAID.

  • Jamie Teller

    A few I would add:
    – Gods and Monsters for Best Picture
    – Out of Sight for Picture, Director, and Actor
    – The Big Lebowski for Picture, Director, Original Screenplay, Actor, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, etc.
    – Bulworth for Picture
    – Dark City for Picture, Director, Original Screenplay, Art Direction, Editing, and Visual Effects
    – Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas for Adapted Screenplay, Actor, Supporting Actor, etc.
    – Rushmore?
    – Armageddon for Best Picture

    • Lawrence

      Armageddon for Best Picture….? It involves Michael Bay & received 7 Razzie Nominations…. I respect your opinion but that’s mine.

      • Jamie Teller

        A joke. Not a very good one. I’ve since actually seen Armageddon and it’s not really bad enough to put on as a joke…it’s just mediocre.

  • One omission I find pretty heartbreaking from that year was the lack of recognition for any member of The Thin Red Line’s ensemble. A strong case could’ve been made for several of the actors in that film, but I always found Nick Nolte’s aggressive, secretly insecure Colonel Tall the movie’s acting MVP. If he had been nominated for Best Supporting Actor that year combined with his nod for Affliction, guarantee he would not have gone home empty-handed that night.

    Other disappointing snubs of ’98 to me include Lisa Kudrow’s hilarious performance in The Opposite of Sex, the near-impossible acting challenge Thandie Newton had to overcome in Beloved, the visually astonishing Velvet Goldmine only being recognized for its costumes, and Carter Burwell’s score for Gods and Monsters.

  • Troy F

    I really think you should add an animated film category for these historical accas, I realize the category didn’t exist but it would be fun to revisit animated films as well

    • Troy F

      Especially with 1997 coming up: Princess Mononoke, that is all

    • tombeet

      I already had a list of animated (quite a solid list too), A bug’s Life, Antz, Mulan, The Prince of Egypt, Kirikou and the Sorceress.

  • Steve

    Here are my top 10 Oscar snubs for 1998:

    1.Jim Carrey for Best Actor for The Truman Show
    2.The Truman Show for Best Picture
    3.Bill Murray for Best Supporting Actor for Rushmore
    4.Laura Linney for Best Supporting Actor for The Truman Show
    5.The Horse Whisperer for Best Picture
    6.Rushmore for Original Screenplay
    7.Robert Redford for Best Director for The Horse Whisperer
    8.Scarlett Johansson for Best Supporting Actress for The Horse Whisperer
    9.Thomas Newman’s score for The Horse Whisperer
    10.Jason Schwartzman for Best Actor for Rushmore

    • Roberto Hevia

      Totally agree with you with Jim Carrey. I think that performance and Eternal Sunshine of the spot, both are amazing. Jim Carrey was snubbed for both performances.

  • Joe G

    I’d like to plea for Anjelica Huston for Best Supporting Actress for ‘Ever After’

  • Roberto Hevia

    Agree with you about Iris and Uninvited omission. C.O.A soundtrack is one of my favorite soundtracks ever. Nicolas Cage in his best years

  • Steve Glansberg

    1998 in particular had a lot of supporting actor performances I could get behind. Besides the already mentioned ensembles for Saving Private Ryan and The Thin Red Line (with Giovanni Ribbisi, Nick Nolte, and Woody Harrelson being my personal favorites), I think Benicio Del Toro’s performance as Dr. Gonzo in Fear and Loathing deserved more attention. His unexpectedly tense scene with Ellen Barkin stopped me cold in what I thought was a wholly-humorous film. I also thought American History X had a rather underrated supporting cast, particularly Avery Brooks and Ethan Suplee. I certainly would have gone with any one of these performances over James Coburn’s effective but short-changed part in that wretched movie Affliction (and Coburn’s one of my very favorite actors).

    And of course there’s that all-time great John Goodman performance….

  • jmlatinsir

    Although I’m not sure about your other selections, I agree with you on the snubs for Pleasantville, a much underrated film, that should have gotten more notice at the Oscars. I also agree on Cameron Diaz, though, you know, the Oscars don’t take comedies very seriously. That’s why I was so thoroughly delighted with Silver Linings Playbook making such an inroad in 2012.

  • Anthony Moseley

    – The Big Lebowski for Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Supporting Actor (John Goodman)

    – The Thin Red Line for Supprting Actor (seriously, just pick one, Nick Nolte, Elias Korteas, Woody Harrelson, John Cusack, etc.)

    – The Truman Show for Best Picture, Best Actor (Jim Carrey), Best Supporting Actor (Noah Emmerich), and Best Supporting Actress (Laura Linney)

    – Rushmore for Best Original Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor (Bill Murray)

    – Shakespeare in Love for Best Actor (Joseph Fiennes)

    – Fear in Loathing in Has Vegas for Adapted Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor (Benicio del Toro)

    – The Horse Whisperer for Best Director and Best Supporting Actress (Scarlett Johansson)

    – Pleasantville for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor (William H. Macy, Jeff Daniels), Best Supporting Actress (Joan Allen)

  • Nicholas Fowler

    I love the Pleasantville and The Truman Show mentions – two of my all-time favorite films, and I’m a big fan of City of Angels and its music. But, Harrison Young? Was that his name? With all the amazing performances in that film, that’s what you remember? I had to read that twice just to make sure it was real. In regards to American History X, which I also love, Tony Kaye left the film during the editing process and Edward Norton supposedly finished it, so I’m not sure how much credit can be given to Kaye, at least with the parts of the film you pointed out.

  • Connor

    No mention of Run Lola Run? Should have been included in Actress, Original Screenplay, Film Editing, and Foreign Film.