Community Reactions: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Boyhood & More


1280-dawn-planet-apes“Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” (Check out Joey Magidson’s review here.)

Andy Serkis

“Boyhood” (Check out Clayton Davis’s review here.)

“Land Ho!” (Check out Clayton Davis’s review here.)

“True Detective” Season 2 Casting

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And for your viewing pleasure… “Apehood”

  • Jamie Teller

    Dawn was good. I think it’s been a bit overrated (like Rise was), partially because it really doesn’t have that strong of a story, but it’s really well made and engaging. So I’m cool with it. I’ll see the third one.

    Boyhood…no idea when I’ll get to see that. ETA “not soon enough”.

  • Phillip Milner

    I haven’t had a chance to see Boyhood since I don’t live in NY or LA 🙁

    Dawn of the Planet of the Apes was nothing short of spectacular. Absolutely stunning in nearly every way. It wasn’t perfect. I feel like the human characters were more or less pawns to push the movie forward, but other than that, it’s really a powerhouse when it comes to the “summer blockbuster genre”. Rise was a great movie too IMO, but it doesn’t really match up to Dawn at all.

    I feel like the little things made Dawn great. Ceaser and Koba (and even Maurice) felt like real characters to me. Some recognition should definitely be shot in the direction of those talented actors behind the motion capture. The real standout of the film is the haunting score. I don’t expect anything less than spectacular when it comes to Giacchino, and boy did he deliver. Best of the year (that I’ve seen so far) by far.