See Daniel Radcliffe Grow ‘Horns’ in the First Poster and Images


For all you “Harry Potter” fanatics that continue to follow the career of Daniel Radcliffe, you are likely sitting at the edge of your seat awaiting the arrival of his newest film Horns by director Alexandre Aja.  Written by Keith Bunin, which is adapted from the novel by Joe Hill, the film tells the story of a young man, who after his girlfriend’s mysterious death, finds horns sprouting from his temples.

The film also stars Juno Temple, Heather Graham, David Morse, and James Remar.

Today we have a new teaser poster as well as two images courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.  Check them out.

Horns is distributed by Radius-TWC and currently has no set release date.

horns horns_1 horns_2

  • @BillNigh I’d heard rumors he’d become a bit of a horndog. BUT THIS IS RIDICULOUS.

  • @BillNigh I’d heard rumors he’d become a bit of a horndog. BUT THIS IS RIDICULOUS.

  • Robert MacFarlane

    Well this could be interesting. Or silly. Whichever comes first.

  • Ryan

    The most interesting part of Radcliffe’s career is how perfectly he has transitioned from international megastar to indie darling. This seems like the kind of film that could attract his more mainstream audience.

  • Lee

    I dunno why this feels like a western hybrid of The Satanic Verses and Metamorphosis. Hmm. Well I’m definitely intrigued either way. One thing I feel I can say with relative certainty is that Radcliffe is a very committed actor, so I can see him putting forth the effort to make it work.