First Trailer for ‘The Gambler’ is here to lay its cards on the table


gamblerDepending on who you are, the upcoming remake of The Gambler is either an X factor Oscar contender laying in wait or potentially this year’s version of Out of the Furnace (need I say more about that particular one?). If you listen to our weekly podcast, you know where I’ve stood all season on this one. Well, today a Trailer dropped, and it’s a Red Band one to boot, attempting to showcase Mark Wahlberg as an under the radar awards hopeful. Well, you can’t judge too much by this glorified Teaser, but while it looks to be an entertaining enough film, it doesn’t strike me as something that the Academy is going to notice. Maybe I’m wrong, but between now and its release date at the end of the year, I’ll need to see a lot more. Rupert Wyatt directs Wahlberg in the lead here, with John Goodman, Jessica Lange, Brie Larson, and Michael K. Williams in supporting roles. December 19th is when you can see this movie for yourself, so until then…feel free to speculate on if I’m underestimating this one. The original version of The Gambler didn’t receive any Oscar recognition, in case you were wondering (though star James Caan did get a Best Actor in a Drama nomination at the Golden Globes, for what that’s worth). Take a look at the Red Band below and see what you think…

Here’s the Red Band Trailer:

Thoughts? Discuss in the comments!

  • Joey Magidson

    I hope we see more of John Goodman than this one scene, since he could be promising. Still, this doesn’t scream contender to me.

    • Dustin Mason

      He was pretty incredible in this trailer though, Goodman.

      • Joey Magidson

        No argument there.

  • ChrisA90

    I don’t necessarily thing this is a contender for one of the nine Best Pic slots, but I did enjoy the trailer. In Oscar terms, I could see Goodman getting a nod and maybe (stretch here) Adapted Screenplay if it’s really good? I mean, William Monahan did pen ‘The Departed.’ Other than that, I think Best Actor and Picture are too crowded for it to make a movie there, but it could mix it up.

    Either way, I really liked Rise of the Apes, so I’m looking forward to seeing a new film from Rupert Wyatt.

    • Joey Magidson

      Monahan’s other work has been iffier though, so he’s hardly a sure thing.

      I’m looking forward to this more than before…I just don’t see any nominations happening.

  • Immanuel1824

    I’m delusionally rooting for a Larson campaign, just because of Short Term 12.

    • Joey Magidson

      Fair enough. Sadly, her role doesn’t seem to be something to get too excited over.

    • Luciano Florio

      What the Academy did to Short Term 12 is unforgivable.

      • Joey Magidson

        Yes, but sadly the norm for small independent fare.

  • Anthony Moseley

    Could this be the year John Goodman finally gets his long overdue Oscar nomination? I’m not so positive, but in a weak Supporting Actor field, stranger things have happened.

    • Joey Magidson

      I have my doubts, but he can’t quite be counted out.