Awards Circuit Presents: Academy Idol Season 8 – Voting Begins!


AcademyIdol8If you listened to this week’s edition of the Awards Circuit Power Hour, you heard the announcement of the Season 8 selections for Academy Idol.  If you’re new to Awards Circuit, let me break it down.  Using the style of FOX’s hit-show “American Idol,” we take a few of the best films from the year and pit them against each other week to week.

20 films have been selected, and you will vote on those films based on the theme “Screenwriters.”  The films are broken into two categories, Original and Adapted.  The top five highest vote-getters of each group will advance to the Top 12.  On next week’s episode of Power Hour, we will conduct a “Wild Card” show, where the two remaining spots will be filled.

Make sure to vote (as much as you’d like) and keep your favorite films in the competition.  If you have a Wildcard suggestion for the Wildcard show, please put those in the comments.

Enjoy the season!

  • this link isn’t working?

  • this link isn’t working?

  • Orlando Whitcomb-Worden

    Birdman!!!!!!!!!!!! Birdman must be a wildcard for original!!!! The Theory of Everything should be a wilcard for Adapted!!!!!!

  • AnonymousIX

    I don’t understand… where do I vote?

  • theatregeek

    Love is Strange would make a great wildcard for Original.

  • Thiago

    The Theory of Everything!!!

  • oscarfan1

    Birdman surely? Or Unbroken

  • AnonymousIX

    Birdman for original, and Theory of Everything for adapted!

  • Alex

    Obvious Child for Original, Under the Skin for Adapted

  • Connor