Awards Circuit Power Hour Episode 127: Holiday Predictions for the Oscars, Academy Top 12 Revealed


POWERHOUR_LOGO_NEW1Welcome to another edition of the Awards Circuit Power Hour, our weekly podcast diving deep into all things film, television, and entertainment.

We are talking Oscar Predictions in all the major categories including Best Picture, Director, Lead Actor, Lead Actress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Original Screenplay, Adapted Screenplay, Animated Feature, and even a few techs.

Into the Woods” reviews have dropped and we talk about its Oscar chances in the race.

Academy Idol Season 8 results are revealed with a Wild Card selection and a Top 12 13 revealed.  Listen and make sure you vote this week.

*NOTE – From now on, if you have a question for us for Power Hour, you can either Tweet it with the hashtag #ACPowerHour OR you can leave it in the comment section of the newest episode.

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  • Brendan Rastetter

    Ughhh. What was that random pick crap? You all clearly wanted Selma in. What a waste of a spot Unbroken is.

  • Joey Magidson

    Hope you all appreciate Mark and I’s saves.

  • Moviewatcher

    I actually think that BOTH Adams and Aniston might get in and bump Jones. I’m surprised about how many Oscar pundits esp. Sasha Stone chose to totally ignore Adams. I think Adams has Weinstein who just issued an article on how he’s betting on Adams and thus denying rumors that Weinstein has stopped their campaign for her.
    I think Adams gets in especially her movie is at 73% on RT which is by the way higher than INTW and Unbroken so it’s not true her movie is trashed.
    And I think the final spot goes to Aniston instead of Jones who will be the Tom Hanks of the year – beloved film missing out on a lead nod yet getting so much support elsewhere.

  • Ryan

    Power Hour Question:
    As unoriginal as this question might be, I enjoyed your take on the ‘Oscar’ scenes of the Supporting Actor contenders, so this week I would like you to take a stab at Supporting Actress. Again, following Clayton’s Top 10 Supporting Actress predictions (the right predictions, so I’m told), what is the ‘Oscar’ scene of each contender?
    Patricia Arquette
    Meryl Streep
    Emma Stone
    Keira Knightley
    Rene Russo
    Jessica Chastain
    Laura Dern
    Naomi Watts
    Tilda Swinton
    Carmen Ejogo