Merry Christmas from the Awards Circuit Family!


Home-Alone-2-Biggest-Christmas-treeIt’s been a fabulous year here at  I hope it was one for you too.  I want to take this opportunity to wish all our readers, staff, and colleagues a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

You need to share with us what you’re watching on this long weekend?  Selma? Into the Woods? American Sniper? Big Eyes? The Interview? or something else that’s streaming like Ida? The Immigrant? Blue Ruin?  How about a classic like A Christmas Story? It’s a Wonderful Life? Die Hard? Home Alone?

No matter what it is, share it.

Me?  I’m watching A Christmas Story at least twice and then trying to catch up on a film or two like Get on Up or The Humbling or Leviathan.   I might even take in Inherent Vice a second time (to see if I’m as stupid as think I was in October). Already began writing up my “Best of the Year” series, which begins later next week with Specialty Awards, Dream Ballot, and then Top Ten of 2014.

Make sure you vote in our Academy Idol Season 8 competition, and gear up for ACCA (Awards Circuit Community Awards) 2014 which opens for voting on January 12.

  • Ryan

    I just saw The Imitation Game yesterday, and I couldn’t have been more blown away. It is definitely in my Top 3 films of the year, and I have some heavy decisions that need to be made for my own ‘best of’ lists. Cumberbatch was phenomenal, but now I need to measure him up with Redmayne and company. Knightley was far more brilliant than what people said she was, and in this year alone, has become one of my favorite actresses. Mark Strong is quickly becoming that ‘great character actor in great films with not much to do.’

    Every single supporting player gave me something to praise, and the script managed to surprise me at every turn. Even though it was based on a true story, that dialogue really brought it home for me. Morten Tyldum needs an Oscar nomination. Now. Maybe not a win (For my personal win it is between him, Chazelle and Innaritu, and I can’t figure out who to boot out of my five, Fincher, Carney, or Nolan), though I certainly wouldn’t object to one.

    I also saw Unbroken, which was more solid than expected, and I would put it at a good three stars. I see Big Eyes today, and I am actually really looking forward to it. Later in the week I will definitely see Wild, Top Five, Into the Woods, and The Hobbit. And as a Christmas gift to myself I went and bought the first two Lord of the Rings, Inglourious Basterds, Black Swan, and Moneyball on DVD/Blu-Ray. I also watched one of the greatest films ever made, It’s a Wonderful Life.

    I guess, all said above, it’s been a great month for me in film, and I know that here, at the Awards Circuit, that most everyone else is having a good one too. So Merry Christmas, stop reading this comment, and go watch some good movies already!

  • Joey Magidson

    Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday!