The Big Bang Theory – 8.14: The Troll Manifestation



We can forget every once and a while that Leonard, Sheldon, Raj and Howard are actually super smart because “The Big Bang Theory” instead uses their awkward social skills to derive most of its humor. That makes it nice every once and a while when you see these guys do some actual science. “The Troll Manifestation” is kind of a hybrid in this regard, as it blends their smarts with them bumbling the theme of Internet trolls in this week’s episode.

105987_wb_0721bcWhile discussing his most recent research with Penny, Leonard has an eureka moment and goes to work out the details with Sheldon. They decide to post their research online to share with others. The immediate reaction is great, but soon they discover that someone wrote a negative comment about it, insulting them. Sheldon responds, but that only makes it worse.

The gang is frustrated that this person is attacking them behind the curtain of anonymity, that he doesn’t have the courage to challenge their work face to face. They decide to change that and see what he has done in the world of science that he can make such disrespectful claims. Turns out the troll is actually Stephen Hawking (making his first actual cameo on the show), who in fact thinks their work was quite promising, he just wanted to have a laugh.

Of course it all ends well for these guys, but the points they made about so called Internet trolls is valid.

While the boys are making scientific discoveries, the girls are making personal discoveries as they find something embarrassing of each other. For Penny, it is the gorilla movie she was a part of last season. Bernadette was apparently in a beauty pageant for Miss California Quiznos 1999 and Amy writes fan fiction of ‘Little House on the Prairie” featuring her and Sheldon. It’s the latter that the girls are drawn to, as eventually they become entertained by it beyond its embarrassing discoveries.

“The Troll Manifestation” was a good one; it had the laughs, everyone got their moment, and the show offered both sides of the coin when you’re main characters are geniuses.

Here are some of the best jokes from the episode:

  • Sheldon gives Leonard a sticker after he reveals his discover – Leonard: I am not a preschooler. Sheldon: Fine, I’ll take it back. Leonard: Back off, I earned this.
  • Sheldon: My name is right on there with yours, that is a surefire mark of quality. It might as well say directed by Joss Whedon.
  • Bernadette: Search for [Penny’s movie]. Penny: Why? Bernadette: Because it would be fun to watch. Penny: It would be humiliating. Bernadette: Well, now we have two reasons
  • Sheldon: I’m simply going to defend our work, scientist to scientist. And failing that, suggest that his mother enjoy a string of human and non-human lovers… You mess with the bull you get the horns. I’m about to show this guy just how horny I can be.
  • Penny: I think I found something we’ll enjoy even more… Bernadette in a beauty pageant. Bernadette: Okay, I learned my lesson, making fun of people is wrong. Amy: I haven’t learned my lesson, play it, play it.
  • Leonard: So you really didn’t like our paper? Stephen Hawking: I liked it very much. The premise is very intriguing. Sheldon: So why did you attack it? Hawking: If you’d been sitting in a chair for forty years, you’d get bored too.
  • Hawking: Got to go, I promised the neighbor kid I’d help him with his math homework

  • Ryan

    The best moment had to be towards the end when Raj says “You keep setting me up for failure.” Too good.