The Big Bang Theory Recap – 8.15: The Comic Book Store Regeneration



It was business as usual this week on “The Big Bang Theory” until the final minutes. The jokes and scenarios were on par, if not a step above, with the season so far and featured a solid cameo from another favorite of nerd culture with Nathan Fillion. But “The Comic Book Store Regeneration” will be remembered for its final moments, when the show paid tribute to a long time cast member who was heard but never seen.

carol-ann-susi Earlier this year Carol Ann Susi, who voiced Mrs. Wolowitz for the entire run of “The Big Bang Theory” passed away at the age of 62. Though never making an appearance on-screen, Susi’s performance was a constant presence and a highlight. When the news hit, people wondered how the show would deal with it. It turns out they dealt with it in a very eloquent and touching way.

Howard’s mother plays a part throughout the episode without being present. As Stuart prepares to re-open his comic book store, he is using furniture from Howard’s mother’s house. This does not sit well with Howard, as it is another example of the uncomfortable relationship between Stuart and his mother. But at the end of the episode Howard receives a call from his aunt telling him that his mother has passed away while in Florida. Clearly shell shocked, Sheldon offers some words of encouragement, and despite everyone thinking he will say something inappropriate, he instead offers Howard reassurance that his friends will be there to support him.

The show closes out with the characters reminiscing about moments with Mrs. Wolowitz, and though none of these ever made the actual show, it was a fitting tribute to a character who has been there since the beginning.

Rip6The rest of the episode was pretty solid. The revelation that Amy and Sheldon were testing Penny and Leonard with puzzles and comparing them to chimps was funny. The Nathan Fillion cameo also offered some good fodder, but not one that immediately belongs in the pinnacle for the show.

But when all is said and done this episode is not about Penny and Leonard or Sheldon and Amy, it’s not about Nathan Fillion or even as the title suggests the re-opening of then comic-book store. This will forever be remembered as the episode we lost Mrs. Wolowtiz, and it almost instantly will be remembered as one of the show’s seminal outings.

Rather than a best of this week, let’s take the time to relive some of our favorite moments with Mrs. Wolowitz with this video: