The Big Bang Theory Recap – 8.16: The Intimacy Acceleration



It wasn’t going to be easy to follow-up last week’s episode of “Big Bang” when the show said goodbye to Mrs. Wolowitz, but they did about as good as a job as could be expected.

The episode starts off with Amy bringing up an experiment where two people are put alone in a room and answer personal questions, capped off with starring into each other’s eyes for four minutes to see if they fall in love. Sheldon decides he wants to test the experiment, and after Amy shoots him finding two random people, he takes it upon himself to do with Penny.

Zombie10Sheldon and Penny have always been a great combination and this was another example of just how big of opposites they are, but also why they continue to be friends as they rib each other but also learn more about each other as well, including Sheldon’s mysterious birthday, which apparently was that day. In the end they admit that they didn’t fall in love, but they felt closer and see each other like siblings.

While the experiment took place, Leonard, Amy, Raj and Emily went to an escape room – where they must put together clues to escape from a fictionalized situation. The only problem with putting 4 advance degrees into a room where they have to solve puzzles is that it takes them no time at all to escape. This storyline played out like without anything really interesting happening, but at least it had a chuckle or two.

As for Howard and Bernadette, they return to LAX from Mrs. Wolowitz’s funeral. There’s just one problem – the airline lost the luggage that contained Mrs. Wolowitz’s ashes. After some screaming and threatening of the airport employee, it leads to Howard offering a nice reflection about his final moments with his mother. Thankfully, the luggage is found.

It was nice that they eased us back into things after last week’s dramatic final minutes. It would have been jarring to go from the loss of Howard’s mom to a whole episode of the guys debating some superhero. Like Sheldon’s experiment, maybe we didn’t love the episode, but when it puts out an episode like this it’s hard to not admit that we’ve grown fond of it.