The Big Bang Theory Recap – 8.17: The Colonization Application



In the first episode of “The Big Bang Theory” after the passing of Leonard Nimoy last week, it was oddly fitting that the “Star Trek” motto to ‘boldly go where no man has gone before’ was applicable. In fact, for most of the characters they were exploring new territory.

The Colonization ApplicationSheldon and Amy kick the episode off by revealing that they are ready to take the next big step in their relationship… buying a turtle. However, those plans are quickly squashed, and not just because Sheldon got bitten by one. Sheldon casually reveals that he submitted an application to be among the first people to colonize Mars; the one problem is that he didn’t even mention it to Amy. Amy is very hurt that Sheldon would do something like this, but when he asks her to submit an application as well so she can join him, it brings her around as the idea of being among the first to procreate on Mars intrigues her, as does the idea of their children being Martians for Sheldon.

Our longest lasting couple, Leonard and Penny, attempted to become more adventurous sexually this week when Leonard bought a gift for them from the ‘dirty store.’ Leonard got a large canvas that the two of them will paint by wearing body paint while they have sex. However, the first time they try it’s pretty much just two blobs. Unsatisfied and in an attempt to prove they haven’t become a boring couple already, they go again, with a much better result the second time. Penny suggests they give it to Sheldon and tell him William Shatner painted it.

Then there’s the newest couple, Raj and Emily. Emily is called into work, leaving Raj in her apartment alone. Raj snoops around but accidentally breaks her nightstand. He calls Howard and Bernadette for help, but he can’t fix it; Emily returns and Raj is forced to admit what he has done. However, unlike Raj’s past screw-ups, Emily doesn’t dump him. She does get her revenge, though. After joking that she killed her roommate earlier in the episode, she asks Raj if he looked in her closet. This petrifies Raj, and leaves Emily with a big smirk as she turns away to go to sleep.

The last image of the episode was a picture remembering Leonard Nimoy.

Usually when “The Big Bang” breaks up their characters like this it doesn’t work out to well, but “The Colonization Application” managed to avoid that problem, providing new and interesting things to each pairing. Even Howard and Bernadette had some good zingers for the brief amount of time they were on screen. So overall, it was a pretty solid episode.

Here are some of the best jokes:

Sheldon (on not telling Amy about Mars): Would you have approved? Amy: Of course not. Sheldon: Well based on your reaction I’d say I made the right choice.

Penny: When you go back to the dirty store I want to go with you. Leonard: It’s a bit of a drive. The one I went to is in San Diego.

Howard: Why were you looking in her nightstand? Raj: Well that’s a question I better have a good answer to by the time she gets back.

Bernadette: What’s going on? Howard: Raj was snooping around and he broke Emily’s nightstand. Bernadette: I’m going to miss her.

Raj: You never snooped around my apartment. Emily: No. Raj: Think back, it would really help me if you did.

Sheldon: In this future, are we on the same planet… because I’ve seen people make this long distance thing work.

Amy: We could be the first people to procreate on Mars. Sheldon: You just can’t keep it in you space pants, can you?