Marisa Tomei in talks to play Aunt May in new ‘Spider-Man’



Well this is certainly an interesting piece of news. Oscar winner Marisa Tomei is following in the footsteps of fellow Oscar winner Sally Field and Rosemary Harris in tackling the role of Aunt May in the new Spider-Man franchise. According to Variety, an offer went out to the actress last week. As you see above it’s not a shock that a respected actress would take on the part but it is interesting to note that in each set of movies Aunt May has gotten progressively younger (~20 years each time). Not that that means anything just something to note.

Are you excited to see Tomei in this film?

  • “Are you excited to see Tomei in this film?”

    Only if she gets a nice fat paycheck so she can afford to be in more films like Love Is Strange.

  • why??? she’s still hot.

  • Ryan

    It’s a little surprising that they would go so young, but then again her name is AUNT May, not GRANDMA May.

    However, Terence’s comment on how Aunt May keeps losing twenty years makes me wonder if we are going to get an Uncle Ben/Aunt May romance film down the line. It would probably make $400 million domestically, too, because…… Marvel.

  • Aaron

    wtf isn’t the character of Aunt May supposed to be in her 60’s? Marisa Tomei is still {relatively} young and hot. Who was the runner up, Shailene Woodley?

    Everything wreaks about this painfully unnecessary re-re-boot Spider-Man.