Academy Idol Top 3 Voting Open! BAFTA Awards Week is the Theme!


idol9It’s Oscar Week!  With that, we are officially down to the Top 3 of the community game, Academy Idol.  Three films remain: John Crowley’s “Brooklyn,” Todd Haynes’ “Carol,” and Denis Villenueve’s “Sicario.”  The top two films will compete this week in our Season 9 finale where past films like “There Will Be Blood,” “Inglourious Basterds,” and last year’s “Whiplash” have emerged victorious.

The theme this week is BAFTA Awards and based on that criteria, you will vote for your favorites.  Don’t assume that any film is safe.  Voting will close tomorrow at 6:00 pm Eastern Time, where the results will be read on the next episode of the Awards Circuit Power Hour podcast.

Share your pleas and thoughts in the comments below!