‘Sicario 2’ in Full Development with Blunt, Del Toro, Brolin to Return



This is no April fool’s joke: “Sicario 2” is in full development, according to a new interview with the film’s producers.

The Hollywood Reporter sat down with co-founder of Black Label Media, Molly Smith, and her partners Trent and Thad Luckinbill, all of whom produced “Sicario” (along with Basil Iwanyk and Edward McDonnell) and are on board for the sequel.

According to Smith, “Sicario 2” is in “full development with the studio” and Taylor Sheridan, who penned the first film, has written the first draft for the sequel. Thad confirms that the original cast, which included Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro and Josh Brolin, are on board as well.

The first film, which followed a principled FBI agent recruited by the government to take down the leader of a powerful Mexican drug cartel, was a surprise hit. It went on to gross $80 million worldwide (the budget for the film was $30 million) and racked up three Academy Award nominations for cinematography, score and sound editing.

Naturally, the producers did not reveal much about the sequel, but Trent offered a few small tidbits:

Taylor’s a really great world-builder. He’s got that kind of modern Western voice, which is in vogue right now. And he did it again [with the sequel]. It’s a great big world. We can’t reveal the plot, but you’ll see [Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro and Josh Brolin] all come back. You have such a great character with Benicio, who was as dark as he was and still so loved. That character resonates so well with audiences. People want to know what happened to him, so it’s a perfect foray for us to explore. Obviously we would love it if Denis [Villeneuve] could [direct]. He’s a busy man, but he’s certainly part of the process with us right now.

“Sicario” was released in theaters last September, following its positive debut at Cannes earlier in the year. No word yet on when “Sicario 2” will be filmed or released.

  • Ryan

    I definitely hope that they can do more for Del Toro’s character now that he no longer has to be confined to the typical revenge-thriller trappings. I would also like to see Blunt’s character have some sort of payoff because, though I wouldn’t call her straight up incompetent, I would argue that she was never necessary to the plot other than providing an outsider’s perspective on the far more interesting Del Toro character.

  • Kristen Lopez

    Yeah, ya’ll know how I feel about this movie in general so can’t say I’m cool with a sequel.

  • MovieManiac14

    For a movie that was in no way set up for a sequel, I certainly hope it pays off. At least it’s by the same writer. It does however in reality depend on the same director (if they can get him again). That movie had Villeneuve’s signature written all over it. If they get him back, then they have a shot at a successful sequel. The film will be nothing without him and Deakins’ BRILLIANT camera work.