Emily Carmichael Locked for Spielberg and Trevorrow’s ‘Powerhouse’

Emily Carmichael

Colin Trevorrow and Steven Spielberg are teaming up again, this time for a family action film titled “Powerhouse.”

Details on the story are being kept under lock and key, but it is being reported that Trevorrow developed the story idea and indie filmmaker Emily Carmichael will be directing and writing the film from Trevorrow’s story. Trevorrow will produce alongside Simon Kinberg and Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment.

Carmichael is known for her short stories and essays, which are part of the best-selling book “Ophelia Speaks.” Carmichael is also known for her comic strip Whiz Kids, which was printed for the Harvard Crimson, as well as her animated web series “The Adventures of Ledo and Ix” and the animated short “RPG OKC.”

Of teaming with Carmichael, Trevorrow said, “Emily Carmichael is the next great writer-director of the kind of movies I love. Her ability to find warmth and humanity in genre storytelling is a superpower in itself.”

Holly Bario, Amblin’s president of production, echoed Trevorrow’s sentiments, saying, “We look forward to seeing Emily’s creative vision take shape with a truly original story from Colin which has all the signature qualities of an Amblin film.”

Fans of the eagerly anticipated 2019 film “Captain Marvel” may be familiar with the rumor that Carmichael could be directing the film. The film will be Marvel’s first to center around a female superhero. TheWrap has also reported in recent weeks that Marvel was in talks with a director and star for the film who shared the same first name, which leads many to believe that Emily Blunt is being eyed to star in the upcoming film, although nothing is official.

No word on a release date for “Powerhouse.” The Hollywood Reporter was the first to report the news on the film.