Oscars: 20 Academy Award Contenders from the First Half of 2016


As we exist now in the second half of the year, studios and awards strategists are positioning their slates for the fall festivals and beyond.  As the Academy Awards make pivotal announcements towards inclusion and diversity, we’re looking back at the early months to see what films and performances are in contention for next year’s Oscars.  Nominations won’t be announced until mid-January but as we know, publicists and studio heads are already planting seeds, watering them mildly, and awaiting the sun to shine on them.

If we’re looking at “the best” versus “what the Academy typically goes for” then the list can look vastly different.  This year I have attempted to make a conscious effort to let the Academy members know that’s it’s perfectly acceptable to put a film like “Zootopia” or “The Lobster” in their #1 and #2 spots on their ballots.

As you’ll see in the newest Oscar Predictions, which will be updated Tuesday morning, this year may offer a plethora of choices for the Academy to expand their tastes and become more inclusive and diverse.

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