Golden Globes Update: Prediction Shifts Due to Controversy and Possible “Star-Mania!”


The Golden Globes are an integral part of the awards season and has the race unfolds for the next six months, we’ll continue to monitor all the big races that will help shape the Academy Awards in February.

As new changes come down the pike, such as the Nate Parker controversy, or the announcement of a film being pushed to the following year, I’ll be updating all predictions accordingly.

As always, these predictions tell the story of a narrative through the season.  When looking at these predictions, follow-up with the SAG predictions post, and then into the actual Oscar Prediction pages.  Is there a possibility for a last minute contender to sneak a la Jonah Hill in “The Wolf of Wall Street” or an anticipated big miss like Ben Affleck for “Argo?”

One thing’s for sure…the Golden Globes love their stars so expect some “questionable” choices along the way.

Click through the predictions and make sure to include your own predictions for the Golden Globes in the comments below!

  • TC_94

    Can’t wait to see Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt in Passengers 😉

  • david

    I hope Cliff Curtis gets some love for his mesmerizing performance in The Dark Horse

  • Matt St.Clair

    Very spot-on predictions. Although one name I would add for Best Actor-Musical or Comedy is Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool. The film was a huge money maker and at least a nomination for Reynolds would help the show’s viewership and the film was positively reviewed as well.

  • Luke McGowan

    Is the Aaron Eckhart Sully buzz based on more than overdue status? Because the part doesn’t look like a standout from the facts of the story, his better bet would be Bleed for This

  • Anon

    ‘Aquarius’ is Brazilian not Argentine.

  • lucy

    I can’t see BOAN getting any nominations. Twelve Yeas a Slave set the bar high, it would take a heck of a film to even come close. With all the controversy about Parker and Celestin I see this BOAN fading away.

  • Jonathan

    No Steve Martin (Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk) although you have him listed for SAG and AMPAS? The HFPA love him – he’s received five nominations for Best Actor – Comedy or Musical.

  • Walshy

    Storks is Warner Bros. Animation not Sony.