Top 10: Real Hollywood Couples Who Co-Starred Together


Chemistry between co-stars is an elusive art. It’s almost as if lightning has to strike in order to find the perfect on screen romantic pair. One way to try and ensure on screen chemistry is to hire stars who are actually romantically linked in real life. Even then, real life chemistry isn’t always able to translate to film. Just ask the people behind Gigli who thought it couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez could pack theaters.

With The Light Between Oceans opening this weekend, Disney is hoping that real life couple Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander are able to spark up the screen. In honor of the film’s opening, we wanted to count down the ten best off-screen movie star couples who acted in films together. From old Hollywood lovebirds to tabloid sensations of today, its great to see people in love playing lovers on screen.

Click through the gallery and comment with your favorites:

  • Ryan

    One of my favorite parts about Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner is the way Hepburn looks at Tracy during his final monologue. Knowing those were his final moments on screen make it all the more impactful. Such a great film.

    • Chris James

      Definitely the best part about that movie. They were some of the greats.