Community: What Are Your Favorite Kate Beckinsale Movies?


While the summer has been seen as an overall disappointment, Horror films have found a footing in 2016. For the past two weekends, “Don’t Breathe” is the latest hit that has ruled the box office. “Green Room,” “The Witch” and “Lights Out” were all small hits as well. This weekend, “The Disappointments Room” looks to continue the trend. The film is led by Kate Beckinsale, who has an eclectic career to say the least. In addition to a solid career as an action heroine, she’s also shown up in prestige period dramas.

With her “return” to horror after the “Underworld” films, we want to know which Kate Beckinsale films are your favorites. I’ve started us off with a few to get us started.

Kate Beckinsale The Aviator

1. The Aviator

While Beckinsale had already been a popular actresses, Martin Scorsese pulled together an amazing ensemble cast to surround Leonardo DiCaprio. Beckinsale doesn’t have a lot of screen time, but she makes the most of her time. Beckinsale plays legendary actress Ava Gardner, one of Howard Hughes’ girlfriends. She is absolutely overshadowed in the film by Cate Blanchette, but I find Beckinsale’s performance to be strong ensemble work.


2. Love and Friendship

The recent adaptation of Jane Austin’s novel has drawn rave reviews for Beckinsale. While most the films released before August have already been forgotten, Beckinsale remains a dark horse for Oscar. Many praised her for bringing a level of charisma and charm to the adaptation, which received really strong reviews overall. Beckinsale’s performance is probably the best of her career, but due to recency bias I’m dropping it a spot. If I were to write this in a year it might be the number 1.

Kate Beckinsale Pearl Harbor

3. Pearl Harbor

One could argue that “Pearl Harbor” is the best role of Beckinsale’s career, but the film certainly has its issues. She does a very good job with the material that is given to her, first falling in love with Ben Affleck, before doing the same with Josh Hartnett. The certainly has its issues throughout, namely narrative problems by its sloppy structure. However, Beckinsale is not one of the issues here. She turns a solid, multi-leveled performance, but the actual script does her a disservice on multiple occasions. One wonders what could have been with a stronger script in tow.

What do you think? What is your favorite Kate Beckinsale performance? Let us know in the comments below!