Venice Film Festival: Portman Takes Aim at Best Actress in ‘Jackie’


As the Venice Film Festival sets to wrap, an (unexpected?) Oscar contender has emerged: Pablo Larraín‘s Jackie.  The film stars Oscar winner Natalie Portman as First Lady Jackie Kennedy.  According to the insta-reviews coming from Venice, Portman sets the screen ablaze as Kennedy.  While Jackie doesn’t yet have a 2016 distributor, it easily could be a Still Alice situation, with Portman taking aim at Best Actress.  Some are eager to anoint Portman as the new frontrunner from these reviews, we must remember that this Best Actress field is STRONG.  Very strong.  Would Portman really be able to knock down Emma Stone, Ruth Negga, Amy Adams, (and) presumably Viola Davis?  Looks like a contender for Mica Levi‘s Original Score regardless. Check out the tweets below:


What do you guys think?  Will Jackie be an Oscar player?  Will Natalie Portman win Oscar #2.  Tell us in the comments!

  • Damian Pietrzak

    If it gets distributor Natalie is IN

    • Sam Coff

      What a joy to have a Best Actress race so DEEP–no less than 10 contenders at this point and it feels like musical chairs for a lot of the slots.

      • Paul

        I’d say it’s even more competitive than Best Actor, finally.

        • Sam Coff

          Yes, FINALLY!

  • Brooke

    I don’t see this one. I think the field is too deep for her to get in

    • Sam Coff

      It’s definitely a competitive field–the most deep and tight of the acting races. I think the distributor will make or break it?

  • Nathan Kovar

    Maybe Fox Searchlight will pick it up since ‘Birth of a Nation’ is looking dead in the water right now. Or do you think something smaller like Weinstein, Sony Pictures Classics, or A24 would be a better fit for ‘Jackie’?