2017 Awards Circuit In Line Series: 25 Actresses for an Oscar Nomination


Welcome to the official 2017 AWARDS CIRCUIT IN LINE SERIES!

The Academy Awards get tons of flack for not rewarding actors and actresses in the prime of their careers. It often boils down to poor timing, but sometimes the Academy’s choices are downright baffling. Here at Awards Circuit, we will begin an annual tradition called “In Line,” a collection of actors and actresses that are “in line” to either win an Academy Award or garner their very first nomination. The men and women have been divided up, with each getting their own annual list.

This list will change on a year-to-year basis, with obvious newcomers having the ability to jump out in front. This list will be released every January, one day after New Year’s.

Click through the gallery to see the list of 25 Actresses In Line for an Oscar Nomination:

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25. Kate Beckinsale

BEST PERFORMANCE: “Love & Friendship” (2016)

Despite making her name with the “Underworld” franchise, Beckinsale has been more than capable of startling dramatic work. Just look to the little seen “Nothing But the Truth” for evidence of that. In 2016, she really impressed with “Love & Friendship,” which should endear her to A-list filmmakers going forward. The upcoming film “The Only Living Boy in New York” has some potential, so stay tuned and see if she capitalizes in 2017.
Joey Magidson