2017 Awards Circuit In Line Series: 25 Actors for an Oscar Nomination


Welcome to the official 2017 AWARDS CIRCUIT IN LINE SERIES!

The Academy Awards get tons of flack for not rewarding actors and actresses in the prime of their careers. It often boils down to poor timing, but sometimes the Academy’s choices are downright baffling. Here at Awards Circuit, we will begin an annual tradition called “In Line,” a collection of actors and actresses that are “in line” to either win an Academy Award or garner their very first nomination. The men and women have been divided up, with each getting their own annual list.

This list will change on a year-to-year basis, with obvious newcomers having the ability to jump out in front. This list will be released every January, one day after New Year’s.

Click through the gallery to see the list of 25 Actors In Line for an Oscar Nomination:

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25. Jack O’Connell

BEST PERFORMANCE: “Starred Up” (2013)

O’Connell has managed to nab key parts in many projects by stellar A-list directors, despite a very young career. In spite of mixed reviews for Angelina Jolie’s “Unbroken,” O’Connell emerged as a true leading man. It wasn’t long before he showed up in Jodie Foster’s “Money Monster.” Still, fans of O’Connell cite his work in projects across the pond, such as “Starred Up” and “’71,” as the true show of his star potential. Once he applies that talent to the right high-profile project, he’ll find himself an invitation to the Dolby Theater on Oscar night.
-Christopher James

  • Matt St.Clair

    Idris Elba will definitely get his moment. Chris Pratt I could also see happening if he gets the right serious role and with how busy Oscar Isaac has been, I think he’s becoming more inevitable for his first nomination.

    Another honorable mention I would add is Ben Mendelsohn considering how his popularity has grown thanks to Star Wars and his Emmy-winning turn in Bloodline. He’s also got Ready Player One from Steven Spielberg coming out soon. This year, he plays King George VI in the Winston Churchill biopic Darkest Hour. If the movie delivers, that could finally be his ticket.

  • Joey Magidson

    It remains shocking that a handful of these gentlemen still haven’t broken through.

  • Luke McGowan

    I cannot believe this list omitted Brendan Gleeson. That’s an abomination. In Bruges, Calvary, The Guard, Gangs of New York….

    • Probably the same reason it doesn’t include someone like Timothy Spall. No real banging of the drum for him (as of yet or loud enough). It can surely happen though. He was a near miss this year.

      • Luke McGowan

        Tell me where to take my drum then. I always thought the purpose of these lists was to shape the conversation rather than respond to it. I really don’t think anyone is banging the drum for John Krasinski. Gleeson, Spall and Skarsgard all have far greater name recognition and overdue status than Krasinski.

      • Luke McGowan

        I mean, if we based it on who people bang the drum for the only actor in line would have been DiCaprio. It’s our duty to rail for the character actors who give their all and don’t even get their names remembered.

  • Luke McGowan

    Also am I the only person out there who respects Stellan Skarsgard? Look at his work in “Our Kind of Traitor”. The guy gives 110%

    • I respect him a lot. Just don’t think AT THIS MOMENT, he’s in the top-tier of “in line.” Though like it says above, anyone can jump in front at any given time.

  • Laut Fuentes

    Timothy Spall
    Callum Turner
    Dane Dehaan
    Chris Pine
    James McAvoy
    Steve Buscemi
    Ezra Miller
    Emory Cohen
    Dev Patel
    Jim Carrey
    Donald Sutherland

    • Laut Fuentes

      and Alden Ehrenreich (who is improving), Matthew Goode and Vincent Cassell too.

  • Tee

    This is an amazing top ten, although Miles Teller not getting into it and Oscar Isaac getting only the ten spot hurts a little.

  • Reece

    Jim Carrey?