Top 10: Movies That Opened in January


4. “Cloverfield”

Released: January, 18, 2008

Few trailers generated as much press as the cryptic fan footage trailer without a name. Later dubbed “Cloverfield,” the mysterious monster movie premiered to wildly differing reports of quality from audiences. For better or worse, the hit film popularized the shaky cam found footage genre for another generation. However, the movie is much more than the monster and the camera technique. Following a group of Manhattanites wishing their buddy goodbye, the film is an interesting character piece. While none of the crew are well defined plot-wise, they each have differing personalities which amp up the tension during an already tense time. The withholding of information heightens the tension. It helps that it stars talents like Lizzy Caplan and T.J. Miller before they were famous. Originality is hard to come by, especially for would-be blockbusters. This is what makes “Cloverfield” so welcome.

  • Luke McGowan

    Taken was January? Wow

  • Rubén González

    The Silence of the Lambs was also released in January and won the Best Picture Oscar.

    • Reece


      • Rubén González

        Sorry, I was confused. It was only released in New York City in Janaury, and then in the whole country in February. I guess that’s what the author means about “proper release”.

  • David Weidner

    Love City of God, but being a little older than most on the site, I can remember 1990. A one-two punch of John Dahl’s Kill Me Again, and Ron Underwood’s Tremors.