Circuit Breaker Episode 25: Golden Globe Winners, ‘La La Land’ Sweeper, and More to Go

Golden Globe Awards

Welcome to the Awards Circuit podcast titled “CIRCUIT BREAKER!,” a weekly podcast from featuring host Clayton Davis along with panelists Sam Coffey, Mark Johnson and Joey Magidson. We discuss movies, television and all the awards shows that need predicting. New episodes are released every Monday. Find us on Twitter at @Circuit_Pod, email us at, and submit your comments and questions at the bottom of the episode.

On the agenda:

  • Taking questions from the readers.
  • We had a “golden” night on Sunday where the HFPA handed out their Golden Globe awards with some shockers including Aaron Taylor-Johnson from “Nocturnal Animals.” Does it mean anything?
  • Where are we in the Oscar race?


"Fences" - Opens in theaters on Christmas Day
“Fences” – Opens in theaters

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  • Joey Magidson


  • So much fun! Thanks for letting me join in!

  • Ferdinand

    English isn’t my native language so I’m not sure whether that’s what that means but I think that Streep said that football and MMA are not THE arts and doesn’t that mean that they’re not the only arts?

  • RaulSGama

    Great podcast..

    1. Finally someone compared Casey to Joaquin’s I’M STILL HERE. 🙂

    2. Appreciate the honesty you guys have when saying that Ali’s performance is good, and personal favourite, but maybe not “deserving” of all this accolade and sweep. It just shows that his praise is not just performance wise, but empathy as well, the opposite of Aaron T.J. who has been praised, not as much as Shannon maybe, but even people who like his performance and think he’s better than Ali, hold it not to speaking it out.

    3. I’m speaking as Bafta’s noms are out, love all the noms but the heavy snubs for Denzel and Jenkins, but the worst nom is the one that shows the worst part of award season, Meryl’s best actress nod, it’s sick that it’s clear based on her speech, and people may argue that’s because Bafta likes FFJ better, and maybe that’s true, but we all know she’s got her Oscar when she gave her globe speech, and it’s ridiculous that this industry doesn’t take itself seriously enough to give her a nom for that, instead of giving it to so many actresses who’ve been part of one of the hardest recent Best Actres races, performers like Anette, Huppert, Rebecca, Negga, Chastain, Taraj, Beckinsale, Steinfeld, Sandra, Sonia.. and so on, who could have their careers exploding just for a single nom. but they’ll give Meryl bacause “Meryl can’t be out u know..

    PS: And as great as her speach was, i think the “little thing” that got some people talking about the MMA and footbal,.. is not that little when you see what her speech was all about, (People in power not taking that place to feel superior over others), and that’s just what she did when she spoke about MMM and Sports, the point is not if it’s art or not, the thing is that she spoke in the same superior way which she was reproving, as an artist superior then the mma sportsmen, so there goes the credibility… great words until she did that.

    Anyway.. She doesn’t loose her tallent for that, Trump doesn’t stop being what he is, and that’s how we should do, be able to criticize anyone, even if it’s the great Meryl Streep.. PS 2: Great podcast guys!

  • Tee

    1. I can’t see ATJ beating out Dev Patel, and to be perfectly honest I can see Patel not getting in either. The youngest nominee in the last ten years is Jonah Hill in 2013, at the ripe old age of thirty. The last ten winners, with exception to Christoph Waltz, Jared Leto, and Heath Ledger’s posthumous wins, were all industry veterans that fit into the “rewarding a veteran” mold. If the Academy decides to embrace a younger performer in a category favoring the veterans moreso than newcomers, it’ll be Patel- but either could be snubbed I think.
    2. If anything, I think BAFTA today has secured that Nocturnal Animals is a play in Adapted Screenplay.
    3. La La Land isn’t gonna sweep, let alone wining Big Five; Picture and Director is too thick for there not to be a split (or perhaps not win either), Screenplay is likely going to Manchester, and Gosling isn’t getting ahead of Denzel or Casey (maybe even Garfield). I think Emma Stone has just enough of a narrative to be in thick contention against Portman.
    4. I absolutely loved Viola’s introduction speech for Meryl, even more than her victory speech.
    5. Jake Gyllenhaal and Dev Patel’s beards are a beautiful display of masculinity that should be respected, humbled, and beloved by every person in the world, each second place only to the magnificence of Joey Magidson’s.
    6. Does Clayton, the man who typically advocates for musicals more than most, hate La La Land? 2016 really is a strange year.
    8. Even though I disagree with Karen on so many films, I was glad to hear her on here she’s very polite and knowledgable. Although I absolutely hate the argument of “What it could’ve been” in terms of why a film is bad, I can see it from a moviegoer perspective even if I can’t from a critical one.
    9. I’m sorry for the wall ‘o text; But #CinephileShowdowns of Raging Bull, Goodfellas, or Silence as the Scorsese magnum opus. The man has three, which one is it?
    10. You missed twenty minutes of footage, but zero minutes of substance. I think Force Awakens is significantly better than Rogue One.
    11. We’re getting Silence when it comes out on Blu-Ray, so no complaining.

    • Joey Magidson

      I aim to please with my beard. Don’t tell Mark though, he might argue that his is superior…

    • Thanks! I think healthy disagreement is important. And your point is taken on the “what it could’ve been” argument. That’s honestly not even close to the biggest problem I had with La La Land. Just one of the many frustrations I had with it.

      And I definitely agree with you about the tight races for Picture and Director.

  • Paul

    Clayton, now that the Golden Globes have passed and the BAFTA nominations have been announced, I’ve got a theory with regard to Aaron Taylor-Johnson and I’d like to know what you (or any member of the staff) think.
    Given that he has won the Golden Globe and has been nominated for a BAFTA as well, I’ve come to think he may become Christoph Waltz – Django Unchained 2.0 and win the Oscar despite his SAG snub. The thing is, the year Christoph Waltz won he had been snubbed at SAG but anyway had won the Globe and BAFTA, whereas SAG and BFCA had gone to two different people (Tommy Lee Jones and Phillip Seymour Hoffman, respectively). I think that, as long as Taylor-Johnson gets nominated for the Oscar (which I’m predicting at the moment), he could win the Oscar ala Waltz for “Django” provided he wins BAFTA AND Mahershala Ali loses SAG (which I’m not predicting right now but after all, almost everyone thought Ali would win the Globe and we know what happened there). That way there would be a split similar to the one in 2012/3 , with Ali taking BFCA, Bridges/Grant/Hedges/Patel winning SAG, and Taylor-Johnson winning the Globe, BAFTA and the Oscar. What’s more, I know 2012/3’s Best Supporting Actor lineup consisted only of previous winners, but I think that if Christoph Waltz, helped apparently by his Globe and BAFTA wins, managed to overcome his SAG snub to eventually win a second Oscar, it would be more likely to happen to someone who’s never won before, like Taylor-Johnson.
    To sum up, at the moment I think Best Supporting Actor is between Ali and Taylor-Johnson. Of course it’s too early to tell since Oscar nominations haven’t even been announced yet, but I’m confident all this could happen as long as they both get nominated, which I’m predicting.
    Sorry for making it too long, but I thought you would be interested. Thanks!

  • Paul

    Also, regarding Best Actress, I’ve made some research and in the last 40 years, only five women won without winning either Globe for Actress (Drama or Musical/Comedy): Katharine Hepburn (On Golden Pond), Geraldine Page, Susan Sarandon, Frances McDormand and Halle Berry. Granted, the last three won SAG and probably that’s what led them to the Oscar stage.
    The thing is AT THE MOMENT I’m thinking Emma Stone will win the Oscar because of that stat unless she loses SAG. Since Natalie Portman lost the Globe, I’m not sure a SAG win would make her a done deal, whereas I think if Emma Stone wins SAG, it’s over, not matter what happens at BAFTA. At least in Best Actress, the Globe and SAG combination is practically unbeatable, as only two women that won both lost the Oscar: Renée Zellweger and Julie Christie, who lost to two women who had won the other Globe and BAFTA (Nicole Kidman and Marion Cotillard). Zellweger’s case is a bit strange, especially since she was in the Best Picture winner, and it can be fairly said that she lost by a small margin, but Christie’s victory at SAG can arguably be considered a lifetime achievement award, as Sam Coffey once pointed out, apart from the fact that eventually the newcomer ingenue won over the already-winning veteran. Regardless, the point I’m trying to make here is alas, they anyway lost to people who had won the Globe, which woudn’t be Portman’s case. Therefore I think sometimes the Globe can be a more deciding factor than SAG (indeed the last time both were given to different people the Globe winner beat the SAG winner: Meryl Streep over Viola Davis). However, imagining the five Best Actress nominees were Adams, Huppert, Portman, Stone and Streep, one of the possibilities through the season could be Huppert winning Drama Globe, Stone Musical/Comedy Globe, Portman BAFTA and Adams SAG, with the remaining nominee being a woman that could have won the Musical/Comedy Globe (Streep), and in that case, it could be 2001 Best Actress again, where Sissy Spacek won the Drama Globe, Nicole Kidman the Musical/Comedy Globe, Judi Dench the BAFTA and the SAG winner went on to win the Oscar (Halle Berry), with the remaining nominee also being a woman that could have won the Musical/Comedy Globe (Zellweger). In that scenario, Amy Adams (the SAG winner) could win the Oscar.
    To sum up, right now I think that if Stone wins SAG it’s over, but if Adams or Portman (or in a less likely scenario Streep or Blunt) win there, BAFTA will have the last word unless it all eventually becomes 2001 Best Actress again.

    • I think this Best Actress race is just way too hard to predict this year. There will be five nominees that all deserve not just to be nominated, but to win. It’s likely to be a very tight race. Personally, I think the Golden Globe going to Huppert said more about who was voting than about the performances.

  • Wayman Wong

    Mr. Davis, I enjoyed listening to your podcast. But in only a minute, you made the following BAFTA predictions …

    * ”Florence Foster Jenkins” would get 10 nominations. (It got only 4.)
    * ”Florence” and ”Lion” would both be up for Best Film. (They weren’t.)
    * Hugh Grant would be nominated for Lead Actor. (Nope. Supporting.)
    * Martin Scorsese would score a solo nomination for ”Silence.” (He didn’t.)
    * Isabelle Huppert would be nominated for ”Things to Come.” (She wasn’t.)
    * Alan Rickman and Helen Mirren would be nominated for ”Eye in the Sky.” (They weren’t.)
    * BAFTA would pass on ”Hidden Figures” completely. (It’s nominated for Adapted Screenplay.)

    I hope your Oscar predictions turn out better than your BAFTA ones did! 😉

  • MovieManiac14

    The way Clayton looks at La La Land is the same way I look at Moonlight. I give Moonlight no more than three stars (probably less) while La La Land is nearly flawless.

  • Andrew Gillespie

    Just a quick fun fact for Clayton in reference to something he said in an earlier podcast: my friend used to date Lucas Hedges and can confirm that he is in fact a douche so your hunch was right.

  • Calvin Damon

    Audition was nominated at Critic’s Choice. It just lost to City of Stars. That’s the only big one that does song besides Globes and Oscars that I can think of, so I think it can easily get nominated for an Oscar

  • Steve

    Best Director showdown:
    The theme is all of the living directors who have 2 Best Director Oscars. You choose which directing you like better of the two.
    Milos Forman: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest or Amadeus
    Oliver Stone: Platoon or Born on the Fourth of July
    Clint Eastwood: Unforgiven or Million Dollar Baby
    Steven Spielberg: Schindler’s List or Saving Private Ryan
    Ang Lee: Brokeback Mountain or Life of Pi
    Alejandro G. Iñárritu: Birdman or The Revenant