Circuit Breaker Episode 30: BAFTA Winners, State of the Race, Q&A



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On the agenda:

  • Fresh off the BAFTA Awards, the losses for “La La Land” in certain categories were noticeable. We discuss what they could mean to the Oscar race.
  • We’re taking questions and #CinephileShowdowns from our readers.

Comment and send in #CinephileShowdowns, #ChoosetheGold and #ACCircuitBreaker questions in the comment section below!

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  • Joey Magidson


  • Alec Glass

    Digging the new format! The 30-sec forward and back is v helpful. Many thanks!

  • Calvin Damon

    Oscar winners often don’t sweep unanimously through the precursors. Just remember that Titanic didn’t win any of its 9 nominations at the BAFTAs. They loved The Full Monty of all things, which to be fair has the most british sounding title of all time. Critic’s choice also only announced their winners at the time besides the picture category. It lost picture to L.A Confidential and only won director there. 1 win compared to La La Land’s 8. Another example is The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, which didn’t even get nominated for screenplay at the Globes and only won 4 BAFTAS out of its 12 nominations. It lost director to Master and Commander and didn’t win any of its tech nominations besides visual effects and cinematography(which oddly enough was not nominated at the Oscars). It was also only nominated for 4 Critic’s Choice prizes(winning all of them to be fair), which were picture, director, score, and cast ensemble. It also lost at both of the sound guilds. Even Slumdog wasn’t a huge sweeper everywhere. It won 5 out of 6 at Critic’s Choice(one of those being best young actor/actress for Dev Patel). So it might actually be better for La La Land that it didn’t sweep everywhere, as it avoids the “too good to be true” feeling. And the best place for a movie about Hollywood to not sweep would be with the British, so I think La La Land is still gonna quite well in the end when it’s voted on from fellow denizens of Hollywood.

  • John

    Boyhood was not stitching together 10 years worth of material, it was a normal amount of footage just filmed across ten years.

  • John

    By the way Bening didn’t beat Swank at BAFTA. Swank was nominated the following year.

  • Tee

    1. Why do people hate EL&IC…it’s my third of that year and an HM of my decade list.
    2. I think if there’s a place for Lion to show up, it’s actually Cinematography.
    3. Moonlight > Lion > Arrival > La La Land > Fences > Hidden Figures > Hacksaw Ridge > Hell or High Water > Manchester by the Sea

  • Ryan

    Though I can’t say I appreciated the War Horse and Transformers shade early on, those final five minutes involving everyone’s age and potential Oscar success were glorious.

  • Mike

    As we are heading into Oscar week and close the door for 2016 for film, here are a few questions about the overall year.

    What are:
    1) Best Movie Characters of 2016
    2) Best Movie Villain of 2016
    3) Best Scene(s) of 2016
    4) Top three films to become classics (My choices: Moonlight, La La Land, Arrival)

    Bonus: Out of all the nominees this year, what would you say is the worst nominee? For me it’s La La Land for Production Design