Awards Circuit Debuts NEW Circuit Center for All Your Predictions!

The Awards Circuit team is thrilled to announce today’s launch of the new Circuit Center – a one-stop shop for all of YOUR predictions!

With the Circuit Center, readers can predict everything from the Oscars, to the Emmys, to TV show twists and more. Users will be able to create a unique login (or link their existing Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts) and make their own predictions, which can be easily shared with all of your friends via social media. You can also see how each candidate currently ranks based on how many users are predicting it.

The best part of the Circuit Center is, at the end of each month, your predictions will archive automatically, making it easy to track your predictions over time and see how you did year-over-year, month-over-month!

This is an initial “soft” launch, and we want you – the readers – to help us out!

To get started, go to either the “MAIN MENU” or the “SIGN IN” button to the top right of the page. Create or link your profile from your existing accounts. Once complete, click on “CIRCUIT CENTER” in the menu and start predicting. In order to make your predictions, choose the show or event you want to weigh in on. Click on a category. From the “CONTENDERS” listing, you can either drag or double click your choices into the “PREDICTS” column. Order your choices by their likelihood of winning. You can edit your predictions as often as you’d like until the specified “LOCKED IN” date that is provided by Awards Circuit.

Please provide feedback to help us make the Circuit Center the best it can be.


With the launch of the Circuit Center, we are also launching our very own Awards Circuit Message Boards. With the IMDB boards going off into pasture, we thought it would be as good a time as any to have our own discussion boards. While those can be a nightmare for some, we have a strong team in place to monitor and police the boards as much as needed. We’re also looking for some help from readers if you would like to be a moderator. More information will come regarding that opportunity.

The Message Boards will be launched this weekend.

Share the hashtag: #ACCircuitCenter

Share your thoughts on the Circuit Center and Message Boards in the comments below!

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