Community: 2018 Oscars Circuit Center Predictions Open!

Hello, readers! With the 2017 Oscars in the past, we like to focus on future endeavors. With that in mind, we’re opening up the predictions for the 2018 Oscars in the Awards Circuit Circuit Center! While we got a great start on the 2018 Awards Season, we need some help from the readers.

We’ve kicked off our predictions with over 100 films represented on our predictions. From blockbusters to prestige films, and even some foreign films, we’ve launched the Circuit Center with many options on the table. That said, we know we didn’t get every potential contender available, so as you go to make your own predictions, let us know if something is missing. We can add films to categories as the year progresses, and we want to give our readers the most tools available to make strong predictions. Please let us know what films we’re missing on the message boards, so we can keep a running list of films we need to add or change throughout the year.

At the moment, we’re holding off on Foreign Language, Documentary, and the shorts categories. If you want to begin adding potential contenders to these categories, create a thread on our message boards. We can begin to build a long list in the months before awards seasons begins. Be the first reader to predict our winner, and you get bragging rights all year!

You can make your predictions for the 2018 Oscars in the Circuit Center.  Our Circuit Center gives you the ability to make predictions for your favorite awards and TV shows throughout the year. As a bonus, Circuit Center saves your predictions at the end of every month. This way you can look back at the end of the year and see your triumphs and (potentially hilarious) misses throughout the year.

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What are we missing? Let us know on the message boards as you make your predictions! Make your 2018 Oscar Predictions here!

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